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.puters-and-Technology When it .es to blog hosting websites, there are plenty but choosing one is not so easy because there are many things that one must look at, including ease of use, features, additional features, fee and others. With so many options, choosing the best blog hosting site a tricky task. However, while for some choosing a blog hosting site may be the most .plex task ever, for others, it won’t be. Many people regard WordPress as the top pick when it .es to hosting sites for blogs and there are reasons why. WordPress has been functioning since a considerable amount of time. WordPress is a blogging software that you and I can use without paying for it. All that needs to be done is that users need to download the software and then install it that usually takes less than 5 minutes or 5 minutes in total. Moreover, another added benefit of using WordPress is that it is an open source software so you can play around with your very own codes and use them to your advantage. There are countless features that WordPress provides to its users that enables it to easily be.e the best blog hosting site for those interesting in blog. Once you have installed WordPress, you can immediately begin blogging. There are many themes available that you can use to enhance the look of your blog. Moreover, there are also plenty of writing tools that you can use and add to your blog’s benefit by using WordPress. Another benefit of WordPress is that if you want to use it on your personal website, you can do that by using PHP or MYSQL hosting. However, while WordPress is easy to use and can be used by any or every blogger, knowledge of PHP and MYSQL is important to make WordPress functional on your personal website. Moreover, another thing that makes WordPress the best choice amongst many is that it allows people to obtain a free blog account for life and also have more than 3 gigabytes worth of storage capacity for the posts you want to make. The software has received full points for reliability and most importantly, ease of use. WordPress can be downloaded from their website but before skipping to the downloading part, you should be confident about why WordPress should be your ultimate choice. Well choosing WordPress is the best choice for the masses because it is very easy to use. You don’t need to be a tech guru in order to learn how WordPress functions or how you can set up your blog using WordPress because all it requires is simple installation. Once that is done, you can easily work your way around it and .fortably blog all you want. Moreover, in blogs, the design is also very important which is why one needs to make sure that the design of their website is appealing. WordPress offers a lot of themes and designs that users can choose from to enhance the appeal of their websites. Moreover, with additional bandwidth and storage space available for free, users can keep updating their blog with content without worrying about running out of space or worrying about paying more to acquire greater bandwidth. With WordPress, you will also have access to an amazing word processing tool that will allow you to make outstanding posts that are not only full of pictures but embedded videos. You can also import your old data from other platforms or another existing WordPress blog. Moreover, it also offers free customer support that is available 24/7 to assist users in times of need. With so many amazing features, WordPress easily makes the best blog hosting site choice for the masses. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: