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How To Discover The Greatest Books Ever Written Posted By: Pat Esposito The majority people who are reading this article enjoy reading. Most people love to read and many have a strong passion to read. Abraham Lincoln loved to read and did everything he could to find whatever books he could read. Lincoln, as most people, put the Bible at the top of his reading list. The bibliophile is always on a quest to find the latest greatest book, or that hidden gem that is not readily available. Here are some ways to find the greatest books ever written; some may be closer than you think. At the top of the list has to be the Bible. How many people do you know that actually read their Bible consistently? It is filled with the history of the world, and actually has information about our past, present and future. You can read it over and over again and each time, learn something new and inspiring. Used book stores. There are multiple reasons to peruse through used book stores. Many times you will find books that are out of date, and cannot be found anywhere else.

reading Posted By: Catherine Converse Selecting the right reading material for teens and young adults can be a difficult process. As you look at the many choices, books like the Hunger Games are very prominent for this age group. Making the right choice for the books will influence whether they actually read the material or not. If you are considering purchasing this type of book for a young adult or a teen, consider the reviews of the books. There are many that are written for this age group but in order for the book to be appreciated it has to be read. Teens are very particular about what they might be seen reading and the titles are going to influence their choices. Teens often are dealing with many problems in their life. When a teen is struggling they need to find ways to cope with the stress and figure out how they will deal with the situation that they are experiencing. Some books are very good at providing them solutions by allowing them to relate to the main characters and even think of themselves as the main character in the story.

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