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Web-Development .Net is a (IDE) integrated development environment to develop (GUI) graphical user interface applications. It supports many languages like visual C++, Visual basic, visual c#, and ASP Active Server Programming. It also supports XML/XSLT, HTML/XHTML, JavaScript and CSS. It is obvious that any person who wants to be proficient in .Net development must know any/all of languages and other web technologies. Hence .Net has its own editor so one need not to have very good .mand over syntax, but one should have .mand over language. Languages have very good controls through one can reach up to requirement with ease. Thorough knowledge of concepts of oops technology like objects, classes, Data abstraction and encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Dynamic binding, Message passing is definitely required. Good quality developer always develop a project in such a manner that any part or module of the project can be added or removed to/ from other projects, reusability always increase productivity. Good .mand over debugger and breakpoints help a developer in reducing errors and finding errors very fast. Good esthetic sense will help in development of Forms through which user interacts. Developer should be able to think like a user that which control will help the user most. Developer has to take care of all possibilities that any user can think of. Thus Developer should develop user friendly projects. Most of the development requires dealing with data. Good .Net developer should have good .mand over RDBMS Relational Database Management systems like MS-SQL Server or Oracle or Mysql. He should be able to handle user privileges and data security along with queries. Knowledge of report writing tools will also help. Good .net developer not only think for user interface and data handling, but he should be good at behind the screen means logical control to retrieve data at a good speed, optimizing use of servers and other resources, Security of data and traffic handling for internet based sites. One should have deep knowledge of multi user programming. Background of technical education increases the persons thinking and reasoning ability. This is must required content for developers. Passion for work and to accept and .plete challenging job is a good sign of developer. Developer of desktop applications should have good knowledge of Operating System. Good Interface with Operating system will reduce coding and errors. One must be able to link other devices such as Bar code reader, Epabx Connectivity, Time punching machines, X-ray Machines, Sonography machines and other devices so clients can able to get all required reports through single system only. Web related developer should have very good knowledge of browsers, security of servers and search engine optimization. Good .mand over language helps the developer to .municate with clients. Soft speaking, knowing anger management skills, full of enthusiasm, love and passion for challenging jobs, techno savvy, time management skills, and life skills like happiness and pleasant personality always helps a person in being a good developer. Working with team is essential for big projects. It is very good for projects that, a person or team who starts the project will end the project. So .mitted developers always wel.ed by the industry. Coding with logical .ments will help the other team members to understand easily. Co-operation to implementation team is always expected from good developer. Good developer should cultivate reading habit for technical updates. Copyright 2011 About the Author: 相关的主题文章: