How does the child do it from the fear of writing to the love of writing kairui

The children are afraid of writing to writing the father is how to do "the third grade teacher used to say son composition is too suggested that he write a powerful and unconstrained style, with life related things, just give him the camp provided material." "The son of the first submission, the results were to be published, he felt extremely happy, now every one of those activities, will write a written, writing enthusiasm is particularly high, I do not say." Daughter is only two years ago, most of the articles written before a little bit of water accounts, but after the event, I would like to talk with her about her favorite activity highlights, and then re write the words down." …… These examples are from the business practice camp small parents share. Never love writing and writing enthusiasm, close from life to life, from out of order to arranged in good order…… They have a unifying knack for writing: social practice. By participating in various activities, to get the first hand writing material, thoughts and record the sense of the low grade children, something that is not a good way to write. In practice, there are other ways for writing "Difficult miscellaneous diseases"? Father and daughter composition PK tournament founder Zhou Dabin have something to say. During the summer Boy Scout summer camp in the organization of the business, his composition class is very popular with the children, until now, there are many children in the submission he launched the "writing PK", and get a RMB payment as an incentive. Change the form of writing let the children fall in love with Zhou Dabin’s daughter, named Doudou, the second grade does not love writing. To this end, he was also called Chinese teacher talk to the school, "to tease the composition in the last class, not into, wide of the mark, it is difficult to keep up with the future." But now, her daughter’s writing level has improved a lot, or the school’s literary talent". Daughter recalled before writing, Zhou Dabin impressed: dry a few dozens of words, written text can hardly drag in all sorts of irrelevant matters. How did this change come about? Thanks to the creation of the "super dad" in the form of children’s writing. Think of your usual QQ space in prose and novels, published every time, there are friends to comment on the message, Zhou Dabin had an idea: why not organize a composition and the "PK game" in the QQ space? I did not expect this idea to mobilize the enthusiasm of her daughter’s writing, soon to "so I’m not alone," in the title, wrote a tour of the botanical garden, the most happy scene. Zhou Dabin himself with the same theme wrote an article, and then the father and daughter composition together with the sun to the QQ space, and her daughter agreed by QQ friends to comment, who is well written, according to the number one comment, win, can get a gift. After the article was published, some articles received overwhelming support, won almost all the votes. Finally, recognize the "defeat" of Zhou Dabin treat, to tease a small reward, please eat a kfc. Later, the composition of the form of PK has been retained, from the PK to be encouraged daughter, and now the number of PK has been more than a hundred times, also from;相关的主题文章: