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Sales Your .pany’s productivity does not rely on the number of your employee, but on how well each of them is performing as an individual and fulfilling their roles as a team player. Thus, it is crucial to your business’ success that employees maintain a high level of motivation at work. Otherwise, your .pany efficiency will slow down and the first blows will go to your production and profits. Here are some of the ways on how to boost their enthusiasm, productivity, and .mitment to give their all: 1.Recognize contributions. Being generous with praises means a lot to your employees. It boosts their morale and will encourage them to do more in the future since they know that their efforts are recognized, large or small. 2.Assign people at their right spot. People perform well if they know and enjoy what they do. Assign your employees to tasks which they are good at. Not only you improve their productivity, they can also develop self-confidence and pride to their work. 3.Provide incentives. Incentive program is the most effective tool to improve employee motivation. It can be a small gift or a token for every job well done. Award "Employee of the Month" to the top-performer. Knowing that they will receive something once they perform well makes your employees be.e objective-oriented. 4.Be true to your promises. If you promise that you give an incentive to your employee once he or she performs well at a given time requires you to fulfill it. Don’t just say that, "If you reach 100% sales growth by the end of the month, you will get a bonus." Once you give your word, put your money on it. Failure to do so means loss of trust not only on that person but also on others who have heard the story. 5.Develop a pleasant working environment. People can work properly in a clean and pleasant workplace. Maintain your office clean. A simple air-conditioning problem can put your employee into a great stress. 6.Create a positive atmosphere. Do not play favorites. Keep your doors open so that your employees would feel that you are approachable for concerns and questions anytime. Improving employee motivation have to start at the office. As the saying goes: "A happy office is a productive office." 7.Provide training and life-coaching. Help your employees to improve their skill by providing training programs. You can also hire professional counseling services that can improve their well-being. Remember that it is your responsibility to make sure that they maintain not only their employment but their health as well. 8.Give something to look forward to. People are purpose driven. They live to achieve something bigger in life. Use this to improve employee motivation. Give something substantial like a salary increase or a bonus based on performance. If they know that their efforts will be rewarded, they will do their best at work. 9.Don’t the fun. Too much work will tire your employees quickly. So, don’t to set aside it once in a while. Reward them of a lunch if they perform well at one project. Treat them to movies. Or, you can close the office early on Friday if they have done their jobs for the week. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: