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Web-Design Basically, there are only five ways on how to build a website. Whether you’re building a personal or business website, you need to have a good domain name first. For as cheap as $12, you can already register and even secure your domain name; sometimes, the price is even lower if they are offering special deals. To check whether your purchased domain and everything necessary are already processed, you will certainly receive an email including all your relevant information. In order to set up your hosting account, you need to purchase a web hosting account and then upload it to the internet; from there, your website will be published on the web. After that is the alteration of the Domain Name Servers at the domain register. A blogging platform such as WordPress is very essential since it will allow you to effortlessly choose the design and theme for your website. WordPress can be easily installed on your website by simply going to the cPanel on the hosting account. Configuring WordPress, selecting the design and contributing content and publishing are the last parts in the process on how to build a website. Everything about your site is under your control so it is very easy for you to update it anytime you feel the need to. WordPress is extremely popular with thousands of designs, features and plug-ins. Checking out online tutorials will surely help you if whenever you have questions regarding what to do after you’ve done the five steps. For those who are getting ready on how to build a website, many consider free templates as an excellent tool. These templates allow you to know what your site will look like before you start, give you a functional framework to build on, and speed up the whole design process. The disadvantage of these is that they can make your site look a lot like those of your .petitors. To deal with these, you may alter these templates with a professional web page editor such as Dreamweaver. Included in the tips regarding the process of creating a website is for you to create a website with an interesting topic in a field you know a lot about. The next thing to do is to understand your level of .mitment by thinking about how much time and money will be needed in the creation and improvement of the site. One best thing to do in order to identify your target market is to conduct a simple research just to find out more about their preferences. Once you already have many concepts, all you have to do is to narrow it down; this is actually the last tip. When it .es to productivity, advertising for your website will be very vital. Telling your friends as well as submitting information about your new site to major search engines really work on the part of advertising. You may also create SEO-optimized articles and post them to other sites to create back-links to your website for website’s search engine ranking. If you’ve decided to sell a product on your website, you have to be able to accept secured credit card payments. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: