How to do it Zhang Ziyi sun work according to six days thin three pounds (video)-htc802w

How to do it? Zhang Ziyi sun shine work six days lost three pounds. Zhang Ziyi micro-blog entertainment news September 16th by micro-blog Tencent Zhang Ziyi drying out a photo of yourself, in a picture of her hand notebook suspected of sitting in the car, wearing a white T-shirt, jeans look bright collocation. A pair of sunglasses is more handsome netizen called "handsome!" Zhang Ziyi wrote in the text: "six days to see the 12 film, lost three pounds 22. The results of the review have been released, 9.18 announced! Like this work according to the notebook filled with the feelings of the collection of eternal memory! Bless my friends Happy Mid Autumn Festival family reunion!" Fans have left a message saying: Goddess and we have time difference ah, and really thin again!" It is reported that Zhang Ziyi recently attended the Toronto Film Festival, served as judges of the film festival. Micro-blog is also the goddess propaganda says six days to see 12 movies, also lost more than three pounds, many fans have expressed this love goddess of the message: "work is important, but health is more important, you should take good care of yourself!" Six days for the goddess of thin weight of three pounds, many users also ridicule: "thin good fast ah, how can I not thin so fast?" "" "" "" """ In addition, because of the goddess Sunglasses netizen also particularly Qiangjing goddess asked: "wearing sunglasses and writing, good for the eyes?" Wake up call. Zhang Ziyi Ge You said nothing about the happy memories "Ge You lay"相关的主题文章: