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Home-and-Family Knowing how to properly water orchids is something that you will need to consider, because many of them are special kinds that require special care. Watering your orchids too much can be just as dangerous for them as not watering them enough. What happens when you pour too much water into them is that it sits in the roots, causing them to rot. Once this happens, there is really nothing you can do to reduce the effects, so you would do well to make sure you know how to water them properly the first time around. When you go to water your orchids, make sure that the water you put in them is lukewarm at room temperature. Pouring water in that is 10 degrees warmer or colder than room temperature can easily lead to cell damage of the plants and kill them in a short period of time. To keep this from happening you will want to test the water you are giving to the orchids before putting it in. This way you will be able to effectively keep them from dying. You will also want to make sure that you water right from the top until it is able to flow freely right through each of the drainage holes. This will ensure that too much water does not get in and root rot will not be a problem at all. Many people have concerns and questions regarding when and how frequently they should water their orchids. The truth is that you should only water when the plants need it the most. The earlier in the day you water the better, because the sun will be out and it will give them the UV food they need to survive and stay healthy. Make sure to check for any water that might have gotten between the leaves, because even if you are extremely careful about watering your orchids, there is still the chance that it can get between the leaves. Water which stays there can lead to crown rot, an equally dangerous condition to root rot and it is very lethal for your plant. Make sure to be very vigilant when it .es to watering your orchids on a daily basis. The more you pay attention to what you are doing and the plants themselves, the better your chances will be of keeping them healthy and in bloom. Watering your orchids too frequently can be a bad thing, because you might end up drowning them. When in doubt, do not water, because more than likely you will end up damaging them, maybe even beyond repair. There are many orchids which are very tough and have multiple mechanisms which enable them to deal with threats; however they are still very delicate .anisms that require plenty of attention. The more you pay attention to how you are watering them and what the temperature of the water is, the better their chances will be of living for a long time. Remember that most orchids tend to be sensitive and need all the appropriate considerations or else they will end up wilting and dying very quickly. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: