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Landscaping-Gardening Imagine yourself living in a limited space in the city and yet enjoying the greenery right at the comfort of your simple abode. Impossible you say, but not anymore. Introducing to the world the modern day greenhouse: HYDROPONICS. What is Hydroponics? Hydroponics is your solution to having your own vegetation or gardening contained in your restricted place of living. It only needs water, nutrients and lighting. You dont have to own a huge place in the country to have your own gardening since Hydroponics does not need a big amount of space. If you plan to have this modern day greenhouse, then all you have to bear in mind is the important materials to consider: Initially, you must have a Grow Box or the Hydroponic method to perform as an ecological unit for your indoor garden. Since this can be grown within the interior of your dwelling, you dont have to place the grow box outside because the method can be concealed from outside weather. Definitely a great help to those living in condominiums or places with restricted spaces. Then you must have these important mechanisms to proceed with your indoor gardening, the Outer Shell, the Lighting, the Hydroponic Bucket and ballast. The Outer shell will serve as the casing or covering of the ecosystem so as that the lighting that you will put will not be wasted and will only be directed to the plants. The lighting will now then work as the sunlight for your plants and the Hydroponic bucket as the most important foundation of the hydroponic activity, which only needs water and nutrients. Now that you have the necessary materials, its time to identify the different areas for growth within the grow box. 1.Mother/Clone area. This is the first phase, where your plants will be placed. This is the area where to grow these plants in soil, and lighting is provided in the grow box for their continuous development. Now that you have the plants in the mother area, you may take cuttings from them, and place them now in the clone area. These clones will eventually become tiny plants. The mother plant can be used many times, which saves lots of money and time. 2. Vegetative Area. After cutting from the mother plant and placing it in the next area, the vegetative area, and your tiny plants will develop into baby size plants. Let these baby plants stay in this area for a while until their roots will be long enough to be transferred to the next area, which is the flowering stage. Again, this area has its own lighting system. 3.Flowering Area is the final stage of the hydroponic method. The baby plants that are placed in this area will stay for about a month until they are fully grown, where a separate lighting system will take care of their growth process. Once they reached maturity, you can already harvest them and enjoy the fruit of your month long labor. Not bad for indoor gardening. Once you have already harvested your plants, you must have other plants in the 2nd area or the vegetative stage waiting to be transferred in the flowering stage. Simple, right? Now that you have the knowledge on the different stages to consider, then its time to know more on the technicalities of hydroponics, the lighting system. As in any form of gardening, we all know that lighting is the most important factor to consider, especially in grow box method. You dont need to purchase powerful lights that consume lots of energy. All you need is the best type of lighting that is essential in hydroponic, the HPS. HPS means high pressure sodium. HPS uses very minimal energy but gives off powerful lighting that the plants will need in the grow box. A full 6 foot grow box consumes energy as little as your living room television. Grow boxes initially uses 400w or 600w HPS lamp. These wattages ensure full growth potential of your plants without consuming excess energy. You have now the basics in indoor gardening, so its time to look for the right place to get your grow boxes. Buy only from reputable dealers of grow boxes, which will give you full support. NaturesHydro will not only help you in setting up your very first grow box, but will be there 24/7 to take care of all your needs. Just visit their website, .natureshydro.., where you will learn even more on the different mechanisms of hydroponic. Not only that, they also have 24 hour expert willing to give their advices, toll free! Visit the site now and begin enjoying your yield without the hassle of a larger space. So what are you waiting for? Visit the website, or call 1-888-HYDRO-20 and begin your indoor gardening the way you want it. With NaturesHydro Hydroponic Grow Box Systems, having a green thumb is as easy as 1-2-3. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: