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In July the enterprise losses significantly reduced — Finance — people.com.cn newspaper Beijing on 27 August, (reporter Lu Yanan) National Bureau of statistics data released on 27: 1 – July, the national scale industrial enterprises realized a total profit of 3 trillion and 523 billion 590 million yuan, an increase of 6.9%, the growth rate of 1 in June, up 0.7 percentage points. Among them, in July, the total amount of industrial enterprises realized a total profit growth of 11%, the growth rate accelerated in June than the previous year by 5.9 percentage points, the highest since the year’s high of second. Industrial enterprises continue to show positive changes in efficiency. Manufacturing brisk performance. Before July, the manufacturing industry realized profits of 3 trillion and 182 billion 840 million yuan, a total increase of 12.8%; the mining industry realized a total profit of 37 billion 210 million yuan, down 77%; electricity, heat, gas and water production and supply industry realized a total profit of 303 billion 540 million yuan, down 3%. In 41 major categories of industrial sectors, the total profit of the industry increased by the same period in, the 1 flat, the reduction of 10. He Ping, director of the National Bureau of statistics industry analysis, in July the main reason for the growth of industrial enterprises to accelerate profits in five areas. Product sales growth accelerated. July, the price of industrial products, industrial producer price index increased by 0.9 percentage points higher than in June. Affected by this, the scale of industrial enterprises, the main business revenue grew by 4.3%, the growth rate of June accelerated by more than 0.5 percentage points. Unit costs, unit costs increased. In July, the enterprise main business revenue per hundred dollars of the cost of 86.08 yuan, down 0.42 yuan, more than in June to reduce 0.31 yuan; during the main business revenue per hundred dollars in the total cost of 7.34 yuan, down 0.08 yuan, 0.03 yuan more than in June. Commodity price rebound. Affected by changes in the international market and domestic supply side structural reforms and other factors, the recent rebound in steel, non-ferrous metals prices, coupled with significantly lower profits over the same period last year, steel, nonferrous metals industry profits significantly better. In July, black metal smelting and rolling processing industry prices rose 2%, while in June fell 1.3% from the same period last year, the industry profit loss of 1 billion 390 million yuan, to a profit of 14 billion 830 million yuan, an increase of 16 billion 220 million yuan, an increase of 7 billion 580 million yuan and profits in June. In July, non-ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry prices fell 2%, a decline of more than 4.1 percentage points in June narrowed significantly, industry profits increased by 6 billion yuan, an increase of 3 billion 550 million yuan in June. The above two sectors together pull the scale of Industrial Enterprises above the scale of profit growth accelerated by 2.8 percentage points, the scale of industrial enterprises to accelerate the growth rate of contribution rate of up to 47.5%." He Ping said. Automotive industry profits from falling to rising. Last year by the auto market downturn, the cost of sales and low profit base in July this year, some large enterprises significantly reduce the impact, in July the automotive industry profits grew 19%, while in June fell 4%, above scale industrial enterprises profit driven growth accelerated 1.9 percentage points. Base number over the same period相关的主题文章: