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Easy Online Hotel Booking Delhi Posted By: Pancy There are lot of attractions for Delhi visitors and satisfaction with regard to accommodation in Delhi hotels. India new Delhi hotel combine international service with standards with Indian hospitality. Delhi is among the tourists hub in India that attracts overseas tourists from all over world. Basically Delhi is divided in to two divisions Old Delhi where most of the old monuments are standing build by mughal emperors. The old city has still its charms and has turned in to a major market of Delhi named as Chandani Chowk. While New Delhi is a cosmopolitan city due to the variety of cross cultural and cross ethnic presence of the vast Indian establishment and political system. In Delhi you will find people with different culture and traditions that come from different states of India and settled here only. It is one the main reason you will find wide verities of hotels that serves different cuisine and food dishes. New Delhi hotels consist of deluxe hotels, luxurious hotels, star hotels, first class hotels, airport hotels, budget hotels etc.

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