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Internet banking barbaric growth of the end of the penetration of regulatory funds to force the transparency of the Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Original title: Internet banking barbaric growth end of the general office of the State Council yesterday issued the "Internet financial risk special rectification work plan", then, line three, business administration and other ministries also issued a targeted remediation document, non bank payment institutions, P2P, shares all the chips, the Internet insurance mutual gold segments the targeted management measures will be kicked off. In the analysts, the mutual gold field of governance work intended to prevent cross market and cross business risk, the lack of coordination "of the rectification work into full force control, the era of barbarism development in the field of Internet banking is expected to end. Non bank payment institutions excess reserves depository centralized in recent years, along with the people to change the way of payment, online payment market has become a small piece of fat, third parties in the market increased rapidly, the expansion of the different payment service subject driven by interest caused by disorderly competition even vicious competition have occurred, engaged in unlicensed the payment and settlement business phenomenon is prominent, the payment industry order is destroyed, and contributing to the underground banks, telecommunications fraud, illegal fund-raising and other crimes. To this end, regulators shot non bank payment institutions to carry out special rectification. Posted on the central bank and other 14 ministries in October 13th of the "non bank payment institutions risk special rectification work plan", one of the key work is to carry out the payment institutions excess reserves risk and inter agency clearing business regulation, including increased rectification of customer deposit problems and rectification supervision; study the establishment of payment institutions excess reserves centralized depository system, standardize Payment institutions to carry out interbank clearing behavior, the phasing out of the payment institution customers to deposit interest expenses etc.. Among them, for the payment of excess reserves depository institutions, the central bank said that the current payment institutions will be customer deposit in its own name in a bank to open an account in distributed storage, the average payment institutions to open customer deposit account for 13, the most open customer deposit accounts reached 70. It is not conducive to the effective monitoring of the customer’s payment and the risk of being misappropriated by the payment institution. Analysis of Financial Law Institute of the Central University of Finance and Economics Institute of Huang Zhen said that at present our country bank account capital flows are regulated, such as personal daily deposit, or even illegal organization financing activities, as long as the bank account can be regulated. This will be non bank payment institutions to pay the deposit centralized management, but also want to strengthen the flow of funds to these institutions to guide the monitoring of the bank to protect the security of customer deposits. Net loan platform is divided into compliance, rectification, banned P2P in the domestic industry rapid development for more than three years, most of the net loan institutions from information intermediary services to small and micro positioning and relying on the nature of the Internet business, alienation as credit intermediary exists, protect themselves from the financial, illegal lending, set up the pool of funds, time resolution and a large number of offline marketing behavior. To this end, silver theory相关的主题文章: