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Knight began a grand festival of the 2016 BMW motorcycle Festival Documentary – Sohu [Sohu] car car and motorcycle on the bus from the story to " wake " about: with full riding equipment box, I in Ji’nan west station under high iron recoil on BMW motorcycle section of the bus, go to Laiwu Xueye lake. On the highway, I was sleepy, suddenly caught sight of a R 0 GS from the side of the bus sped past, followed by a team of BMW Motorcycles: K 1600 GTL, S, XR, RR, and a S 1000…… I am excited about the companion and advance into the motor section of the excited mode. September 10th to 11, for the domestic BMW motorcycle owners and motorcycle enthusiasts is an important day. The annual BMW motorcycle culture festival will open in these two days. BMW BMW Motorrad Days motorcycle culture festival was born in 2001, a group of love BMW motorcycle owners held a grand party in the town of Austria Saifuerde. In 2002, BMW motorcycle Festival moved to Germany resort Shi Garr held, and in 2007 officially named BMW Motorrad Days. In China, BMW motorcycle culture festival began in 2014, after Beijing Yanqing, Zhejiang Hangzhou Qiandao Lake, 2016 third BMW motorcycle Festival (Chinese) moved to Shandong Laiwu Xueye lake. 9 evening, when we arrived in Laiwu Xueye lake, see a row of motorcycle parked, we have a pedestrian regardless of check-in, even the boxes have not pulled into the lobby, went to the front of the motorcycle to enjoy. In fact, we are not here today but Things seldom seen are strange., this group of media are also love motorcycles. However, the weather was cloudy, visibility is also deviation. It makes us worried about the big party tomorrow. Thousands of knights gathered in the lake on the morning of the 10, I woke up after the first time opened the curtains, saw the window of the good weather and beauty, I feel this day will be very beautiful. Today’s Shandong Laiwu Xueye Lake changed his quiet, in the main venue BMW motorcycle culture festival, Xueye Lake aviation sports base has gathered thousands of people from all over the country and knight fans gather in this, experience the most pure fun, feel the strong BMW Knight culture. Whether senior, experienced the locomotive riding Master cafe, or motorcycle enthusiasts and their families, can feel the passion and joy of the incomparable Knight’s culture in the field. Chinese held this BMW motorcycle motorcycle culture festival, is one of the best fans party, whether the media or senior colleagues, enthusiastic owners, or senior Explorer Mr. Gu Yue, are in the circle of friends expressed praise for this event. Parade is a reserved section of the motorcycle culture festival is an essential part of the annual BMW motorcycle culture festival. From all corners of the country this year, Knight)相关的主题文章: