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Li Keqiang: with an open mind to further promote the development of Chinese Medicine – Sohu news February 14th executive meeting of the State Council, for example, Prime Minister Li Keqiang for the 2015 Nobel prize in medicine, Tu, "explains the importance of the development of Chinese medicine industry" open. "Tu found that artemisinin, draw inspiration from the Chinese classics, extracted from Chinese herbal medicines, the treatment in the last western medicine has been widely used." The prime minister said, "to maintain the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine at the same time, with an open mind, to further promote the development of traditional Chinese medicine." The concept of traditional Chinese medicine should not be generalized indefinitely, but it is necessary to seize some key issues and focus on an issue of the day’s meeting, which is to determine measures to further promote the development of traditional Chinese medicine, to bring the advantages of traditional medicine into full play and to benefit the people. Li Keqiang said that in recent years, the traditional Chinese medicine industry continued to grow rapidly, we should continue to introduce some "hit the point" hard measures. Nowadays, TCM doctors seldom understand western medicine. They often have a full pulse, and then ask, "what’s the blood pressure?". This has expanded the traditional concept of traditional Chinese medicine. Patients, and very few people only look at traditional Chinese medicine, or only eat traditional Chinese medicine, mostly integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine to see together." He said, "in this case, we should further explore and promote the integration of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, pay equal attention to both traditional Chinese and Western medicine, open mind to further promote the development of traditional Chinese medicine." Li Keqiang pointed out that the inheritance of Chinese medicine advantages, play its unique role, can better benefit the health of mankind. But in this process, we can not generalize the concept of traditional Chinese medicine, but we should seize some key issues, focus on promoting, and strive to achieve breakthroughs in some areas." Premier said. "Determined to improve the quality of drugs, especially the quality of essential drugs," I recently saw some news reports about our citizens traveling abroad, going to other countries to buy cold drugs, and even band aids." Li Keqiang said, "we are determined to improve the quality of drugs, especially the quality of essential drugs."." Another topic of the day’s meeting is to promote the innovation and upgrading of pharmaceutical industry by deployment. The meeting decided to improve the safety evaluation and product traceability system, strengthen the whole process of quality supervision, benchmarking the international advanced level, the implementation of drugs, medical device standards to improve action, especially to improve the quality of essential drugs. Li Keqiang stressed that the development of the pharmaceutical industry is the first "livelihood needs", but also "development needs."". We should speed up the healthy development of the pharmaceutical industry and deepen the reform of the medical and health system, so as to better serve the people’s livelihood and maintain steady growth. According to the introduction, some western developed countries, the pharmaceutical industry accounted for GDP ratio reached 8%, the proportion of individual countries higher. This is only 5% of our country. The prime minister pointed out: "to promote the innovation and upgrading of the pharmaceutical industry, not only can benefit people’s livelihood, but also an important measure of steady growth.". It contains great potential to promote economic upgrading and structural optimization." (Wang Nianzi)

李克强:以开放心态进一步促进中医药发展-搜狐新闻  2月14日的国务院常务会议上,李克强总理以获得2015年诺贝尔医学奖的屠呦呦举例,说明“开放发展中医药产业”的重要性。  “屠呦呦发现青蒿素,就是从中医典籍中汲取灵感,从中药材中提取,最后在中西医的治疗中都得到了广泛的应用。”总理说,“要在保持中医药特色的同时,以开放心态,进一步促进中医药发展。”  不能无限“泛化”中医概念,而要抓住一些关键问题重点推进  当天会议的一项议题,是确定进一步促进中医药发展措施,发挥传统医学优势造福人民。李克强说,近年来,中医药产业持续快速增长,要继续出台一些“打到点子上”的硬措施。  “现在的中医医生很少有不懂西医的。他们常常号完脉还要再问问‘血压是多少’。这已经拓展了中医的传统概念。病人呢,也很少有人只看中医,或只吃中药,大多都是中西医结合一起看。”他说,“在这种情况下,要进一步探索推动中西医结合、中西医并重,以开放心态进一步促进中医药发展。”  李克强指出,传承中医药优势,发挥其独特作用,可以更好造福人类健康。“但在这一过程中,不能无限‘泛化’中医概念,而要抓住一些关键问题重点推进,力争在一些领域实现突破。”总理说。  下决心提高药物质量,尤其是基本药物质量  “我最近看到一些新闻报道,我们的公民出国旅游,去别的国家买感冒药、甚至创可贴。”李克强说,“我们要下决心提高药物质量,尤其是基本药物质量。”  当天会议的另一项议题是部署推动医药产业创新升级。会议确定,健全安全性评价和产品溯源体系,强化全过程质量监管,对标国际先进水平,实施药品、医疗器械标准提高行动,尤其要提高基本药物质量。  李克强强调,医药产业发展首先是“民生需要”,同时也是“发展需要”。要把加快医药产业健康发展和深化医药卫生体制改革结合起来,更好服务惠民生、稳增长。  据介绍,西方一些发达国家,医药产业占GDP比例达到了8%,个别国家这一比例数字更高。而我国这一比例只有5%。总理就此指出:“推动医药产业创新升级,不仅可以惠民生,同时也是稳增长的重要措施。这其中蕴含着推动经济升级、结构优化的巨大潜能。”(王念兹)相关的主题文章: