Li Sheng on Gold oil prices will continue to rise, gold retracement near more than 1 thousand and 33 sichen

Li Sheng on Gold: oil prices will continue to rise, gold retracement near more than 1 thousand and 330 Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! City in the morning peak congestion, is normal, each queue always feel that others than their own fast, driving scold walk, walk, laugh drive. The transaction is the investment, the long and short game, different in the same position between the direction of open laugh at each other, bearish scold long, long short laugh. This is a mockery and mutual support of the whole. 1306 double bottom, 1003 defensive success gold prices since 1352 this round fell to lows of 1306, a decline of nearly $46, approaching the previous lows near 1302 prices, the rate hike is expected to lead to more speculation higher, the market appeared on September before the end of the year or interest rates continued to look good, but forget at the beginning of the September non farm bad situation, causing the price of gold all the way down. However, sell, buy expected fact not long after all, surely, we all knew that the interest rate is not possible, non-agricultural employment, unemployment, is not enough to allow the fed to outshine the implementation of interest rate, just talking about the market is expected to raise interest rates do cause, the real interest rate, gold may not make a bad fall, is bullish. Consolidate the 1306 double bottom, the Bank of Japan to remember tougong Wednesday, the price of gold in the Asian plate, sideways afternoon, because the Japanese central bank interest rate decision to maintain the original interest rates unchanged, which makes before looking forward to implement negative interest rates although the desire somewhat disappointed, but not enough to lose 1003 gold, causing the price of gold from the original 1318-1312 interval moment amplification to 1320-1306. Two, dropping to near 1306 in the 1307 line to obtain the effective support, V reversal of a standard display in the disk, since 1320 fell again in a very short period of time back to 1320, this decline has laid a solid 1306 or the bottom position. High sideways without deep tone, top and bottom 1318 conversion is the key at this time, do not know if you still remember the 1318 this position is not on Monday, two of the market, this position plays a repressive role, the price of gold has not been repeated rebound highs of 1318, forming a rally very key point. However, yesterday in Europe, dropping 1307 rebound after standing on the position of retracement low is 1318, and continued until the time the disc, the price of gold to take this opportunity to continue to refresh the high point, the U.S. offer period no callback Youkong, but directly pulled up the challenge of a $1330 position, until the Fed interest rate decision, or hold the 1318 interest rate hike is the Ming, Japan decision early in the morning, Yellen said without interest is not lack of confidence in the economy, is expected to raise interest rates this year at a time. It sounds not wrong, is not a bit familiar words is clear: do not pay not bad faith, estimated that this year will be a little better. How is it like people who do not owe in the same theory相关的主题文章: