Liuzhou cancel outpatient infusion in January more than the number of patients in transfusion room p diying

Liuzhou cancel outpatient infusion in January more than the number of patients in the transfusion room sag related reports: Liuzhou cancel outpatient infusion in Nanning cited concern about the implementation of this policy,   Guangxi Nanning news network November 25th news (reporter Jin Xiumei) in the real life, people have a sense of risk slightly have a fever to the hospital drips, which become the expected good disease quickly some of the preferred way ". Since October 1st this year, Liuzhou City, the first implementation of cancellation of two or more hospital outpatient infusion in Guangxi (except in pediatrics and emergency policy), more than a month, each urban hospital transfusion room patients with transfusion plunged the transmission order "effectiveness previews. The phenomenon of "limited transmission order issued infusion plunged in November 10th, the reporter visited the Liuzhou Worker’s Hospital and Liuzhou Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, a lot of the number of patients in the transfusion room, patients are scanty, this phenomenon and the patients of transfusion room infusion to reduce major hospitals in Liuzhou is not uncommon. It is understood that in order to further standardize the medical service, the irrational use of antibiotics, Liuzhou city recently issued the implementation of new medical reform, the "Circular on Further Strengthening the city health care institutions outpatient intravenous infusion management". The "Circular" clearly pointed out that since October 1, 2016, Liuzhou city in two or more medical and health institutions (including District Liu in medical and health institutions, private medical institutions, children’s Hospital in the outpatient department of Pediatrics except) and emergency department, other departments will fully stop to carry out medical service outpatient intravenous infusion. At the same time, primary health care institutions in the urban areas will gradually reduce the outpatient intravenous infusion of medical services. "Limit order" since the implementation of more than a month, what happened? Liuzhou Worker’s Hospital outpatient department director Tan Baoping introduction, originally thought to limit outpatient infusion, the patient will flock to the emergency, but there is no such situation, in general, to the hospital transfusion times significantly reduced, including emergency is also less. For example, in October 2015, the hospital outpatient infusion of about 9900 passengers, a daily average of 300 people, now there is no outpatient infusion; October 2015, emergency infusion of 3700 passengers, only more than 2 thousand and 800 passengers in October this year, a year-on-year decline of about 12%. As for the traditional Chinese medicine hospital in Liuzhou, limiting outpatient infusion for a month, the number of infusion decreased by a large margin of 60%. The injection room of our hospital nurse Zhu Yingxuan told reporters, after 4-5 a nurse injection room, there are more than 100 patients with infusion every day, every day now about 40 patients, only 2 nurses can be responsible for. Argument: restrictions on outpatient infusion patients benefit now limit outpatient infusion, the patient did not understand? Medical order will not be disrupted? According to the reporter’s question, the Liuzhou Worker’s Hospital outpatient department director Tan Baoping said, "in order to implement limits". The multi channels and measures made by publicity, publicity columns, Yilabao, brochures, hospital official website and micro signals released the transmission order information, patients are slowly accepted. In his view, a limit order.相关的主题文章: