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Look at these wonderful listed companies as I bet you don’t know all of sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money on the Internet only a short while ago, such a piece: see the husband received a text message on Mobile phone wife: "002291000524002467 002582". Husband stocks, stock code is at a glance. Then check the stock name, only see light suddenly: "Saturday, Orient Guest House, 263, I miss you!" The passage of time, the Orient Guest House has been renamed the south of the Five Ridges Holdings (000524), today Xiaobian grilled a steak that have unique name of stock. Mouth color type Chinese named Youxi pay attention to discuss color, characteristics of the root Chinese characters of logogram is inseparable, in the company’s name has also been reflected in the stock referred to as new cases, good (000007), (000010), a beautiful ecological evergreen (000789), Fuxing shares (000926), the new world (000997), the United States health (002044) and *ST (music, music 002336), Excalibur shares (002361), hollyland (002729), (600467) and elegant homey years (603555) and so on, the more advanced and "gods" of Tang Renshen (002567). The cross-border links (002640) renamed ago called the hundred round pants industry can be changed. A stock called Sunyard (600571), XinDa, is proposed by China in the late Qing Dynasty new enlightenment thinker Yan Fu’s translation difficulties, refers to the three aspects to pursue in translation, but the full name of the company for Sunyard system engineering Limited by Share Ltd, with the translator does not have too big relations. In addition to a stock called Oriental Sunrise (603366), main is the solar energy related businesses, but inevitably reminiscent of sun moon god slogan, "the leader of the East, Wude wencheng. Thousands of years, dominate the political arena. Sunrise in the East, only I undefeated!". Of course there is "the opposite", such as large shares (000530), the listed company’s main business of refrigeration equipment.   code type before mentioned in the new good (000007), in fact the stock after several times changed its name, changed its name to ST at the end of January 2010 07, after Zhaimao was renamed 07 shares, although is a veteran of the stock market for a long time, also called a "surge" of shares. The stock name with the related code also includes Huarun 39 (000999), in addition to a stock called nine "(002411). When it comes to number and name, there are also some interesting stocks, such as software was renamed 2345 (002195), and a "2345" authentic stock called Chao Hongji (002345). There is a horse convex horse (600696), formerly known as the Toronto stock, after the listing has also been changed many times. The horse horse convex announcement that intends to hold the public opinion of subsidiary相关的主题文章: