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.munications A new technique within the cell phone industry to get buyers who may otherwise avoid pricey smart phones is via selling refurbished cell phones. Siemens cell phones also began this idea and made it much much more convenient for their consumers to replace lost phones too. AT&T Cell Phones recently did this with the iPhone, distributing new clients an excellent smart phone at the cost of a basic phone. This is a great way to reach out to new clients and insure no product is ever wasted. A refurbished iPhone from AT&T cell phones, or any phone from any .pany for that matter, is practically a new phone. Basically refurbished means a person is buying a used casing but all the technology within the phone is updated and brand new. So there may be a small blemish here or there but the smart phone itself, for all intents and purposes, is a new cell phone. That is why this is such a great way to reach those on a smaller budget. These people, me included, will not mind a ding here or there (though it is entirely possible that one will get a phone with no blemishes at all) as they know those will .e with time anyway. So if the hardware inside works, the stuff that truly matters, why should you care about anything else on the outside? At AT&T Cell Phones, the iPhones have been returned within the 30 day trial period, the software inside is then checked and updated and then the phones are put back on the market. That means that a refurbished iPhone could have been a gift to someone. Lets say that someone already had an iPhone but the person giving the present was unaware. Then that phone will be returned to ATT, it will have its hardware checked, and then it will be sold as refurbished. So it is a new iPhone and for a fraction of the regular cost. These are deals that even those with the money to buy new should consider. Remember, refurbished is not used. These will .e with warranties and guarantees, the software is as good as any new phones software, it is simply that once it was taken out of its original packaging it cannot be sold as "new." So if there is ever software you are considering but your budget is limited check to see if they offer the item as refurbished. The savings is tremendous, the quality is equal to new and the feeling of getting such a great deal is undeniable. This author is still shocked that it has not be.e a a lot more popular thing to do, but it should. And maybe after this article, it will. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: