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Unless you were lucky enough to inherit a fortune, you probably work for a living. You might think that everyone feels they don’t make enough money, but in the case of many of my clients it was true. Why weren’t they being paid well enough for what they do, or why can’t they find a job that pays well enough for their skill set? Surprisingly, many of them were unconsciously sabotaging themselves. Many of these self-sabotage patterns created irrational shame or fear that caused them to hold back. Even mild reactions can cause avoidance or confusion that drains energy and suppresses motivation, enthusiasm, and confidence. People do not perform at their best, are afraid to ask for the salary they want or look for a better job, and feel dissatisfied and unfulfilled. Common reactions that interfere with making money: I’m afraid to be successful because: someone will take it away from me. women/people will reject me. I’ll be expected to succeed again and I’ll be under constant pressure. I’ll be expected to top my last performance, and I’ll fail. I’m afraid people will be jealous of me and: want to destroy me. will reject me. it will tear my family apart. I’m afraid to go all out because: I’ll be unpopular. I’ll physically get hurt, or hurt someone else (athlete). Fears about work: I’m afraid to be ambitious because I’ll be swallowed up in my work and lose my (quality of) life. I’m ashamed to earn a living using my talents because they are a gift from God and I should share them with everyone for free. I’m afraid to have people pay me because then I’ll have to meet my commitments and be trapped in slavery to them. I’m worthless; and can’t compete because They can get someone else to do the job better (or more cheaply). I have to have a job or career that someone else expects or they won’t love me and will abandon me. When we treat people with Healing from the Body Level UpSM (HBLUSM) methodology to clear these unconscious self-sabotage patterns, they make a good living using their talent and doing what they love. Work becomes fun, satisfying, and worthwhile. Success Stories Eric had a multi-million dollar business with his wife. Ten years later he lost his wife, his home, and his business in an explosive divorce. Desperate to recoup his losses, he gambled his remaining assets on risky investments ending up several hundred thousand dollars in debt. Eric remarried and became a business consultant. He suspected that the wild oscillations in his income were related to trauma, so he sought HBLUSM treatment. Interestingly, Eric’s father had been a highly successful businessman who went bankrupt just a few months before his death. As a father, he was cruel, distant, and competitive. Using HBLUSM, Eric cleared the unconscious habits of trying to earn his father’s respect and love by proving that he could be more financially successful than his father. He quit making risky get rich quick investments and focused on doing what he was brilliant at. In just two years, he paid off all his debt. His income continues to rise linearly. Marie, an expert communications consultant, constantly struggled to make her business financially viable. Although her credentials and track record were excellent, she found it unnerving, awkward, and difficult to charge full fee for services, ask clients to commit to contracts, and wholeheartedly pursue new business. Using HBLUSM, Marie discovered that she was unconsciously repeating her family patterns where money was always tight and conversations about money were always stressful. Marie also carried her father’s feeling of unworthiness about making a substantial salary. After clearing these attitudes, Marie learned that 1) money is not elitist 2) you receive money in exchange for goods or services, and 3) financial success is linked to the quality of and need for the products you provide. Money is not about personal worth. Marie now finds it easy and rewarding to interact with customers and develop new business. About the Author: Judith A. Swack, Ph.D., is a Biochemist/Immunologist, Master NLP Practitioner, Mind/Body Healer, & leader in the field of Energy Psychology. Dr. Swack is the originator of Healing from the Body Level UpSM (HBLUSM) an innovative, rapid, & powerful new mind/body/spirit healing methodology. For more info about HBLUSM & to order our Make More Money" audiotape, visit our website at ..jaswack.. . Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: