Man in Guangzhou illegal operation of 1 years checked the 3 time will be fined 180 thousand yuan

Man in Guangzhou illegal operation of 1 years checked the 3 time will be fined 180 thousand yuan Nanfang Daily News (reporter Yu Qiuliang Fu Chaojun) learned from the Guangzhou traffic enforcement department today, the illegal operation of a driver three times a year checked, will face a total of 180 thousand heavy penalties. According to reports, the evening of October 22nd, the Municipal Bureau of Law Enforcement Bureau jointly issued by the public security traffic police to crack down on illegal operations in Baiyun Airport special action. At 19:20 PM, "Xiang D8GV77" into the law enforcement personnel liner, "driving the driver of the car Leimou is slick, several times to deal with illegal operations has been checked, checked the third times this year!" Law enforcement officers recalled, in September 20th this year, also arrived at the Baiyun Airport A hall before Leimou engaged in illegal trading "arrested". At that time, 5 passengers on the car to reflect, Lei initiative to solicit them on the train, asking price of 150 yuan from the airport to the small north. Leimou site is unable to produce road transportation certificate of the vehicle, law enforcement officers eventually withheld Leimou vehicles, according to the relevant laws and regulations, he will face a fine of 30 thousand yuan. Just a short week, September 27th, inspection of law enforcement officers again "caught" illegal passenger Leimou ready to leave the airport. The difference is, the alleged illegal operation to be withheld is Leimou "Laobiao" car. Originally, Leimou because their vehicles were withheld, he borrowed from relatives possessed by ghosts of the car continued to engage in illegal trading, I did not expect just checked on the road! While the "opera" Leimou will face heavy fines of 50 thousand yuan. Law enforcement officials said, because Leimou incorrigible, for four times in the illegal operation of malignant violations, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations in third will be imposed on the top grid fined 100 thousand yuan, 3 times the illegal operation of a total of up to 180 thousand yuan. "In accordance with the procedure, we will make a request to the parties. After being urged, still refusing to pay a fine, according to the law to the court for enforcement, the court ruled that after the execution of the parties will be included in the blacklist dishonest means to enforce mandatory transfer through bank deposits, auction, illegal vehicles." (South daily)相关的主题文章: