Mangalore-the Auspicious Abode Of

News-and-Society Tulunadu is divided into two districts: Dakshin Kannada and Udupi. Mangalore is the administrative headquarter of Dakshin Kannada district and one among the important port cities of India. New Mangalore Port is the only major port of Karnataka state that serves for the state as a gateway to Arabian Sea. The coastal side of Mangalore is spotted with several beautiful beaches like Surathkal Beach, Tannirbavi Beach, Panambur Beach and Someshwar Beach. Backwaters of the rivers Netravati and Phalguni (Gurupura) and attractive beaches have increased the beauty and charm of the city. Mangalore has tropical climate with high humidity, good rainfall and approximately equal temperature during the winter and summer. Agriculture processing, fishing, boat building and tile industry are the traditional .mercial activities in Mangalore. With improved technology and modernization these businesses are facing major changes and the industries like iron ore mining, oil and natural gas, information technology and outsourcing, banking and finance are finding ample scope to grow and making firm roots in Mangalore. Mangalore is also famous for its delicious food that has liberal use of coconut and curry leaves. Vegetarian cuisine, popularly known as Udupi cuisine, is famous throughout India and even abroad. Since Mangalore is located at coastal side, seafood is very popular among local people. Mangalore has diverse population that consists of Hindus of different sub-casts, Catholic Christians and Beary Muslims. Apart from the popular festivals like Diwali, Dussera, Christmas and Eid, Mangalore Rathotsava is famous among Hindu .munity and Mother Mary"s Feast is famous among Catholic Christians. Different varieties of folk dance are performed during special occasions. Yakshagana is a .bination of dance and drama in which actors wear costumes and perform the roles of various mythological characters. Hulivesha (tiger-dance) and Karadivesha (bear-dance) are the folk dances in which the actors perform a dance wearing the costume of respective animal. The name Mangalore is derived from the city goddess- Mangaladevi. Mangaladevi temple is situated in the heart of the city where religious rites and rituals are performed regularly. Apart from Mangaladevi, Mangalore is known for other religious places like: 1. Kadri Manjunatha Temple 2. Sharavu Mahaganapati Temple 3. Garuda Mahakali Temple 4. St. Aloysius Church 5. Infant Jesus Shrine 6. Rosario Cathedral 7. 1000 Pillar Jain Temple of Moodbidri 8. Ullal Darga Mangala is a Sanskrit word which means auspicious. The name Mangalooru i.e. Mangalore (auspicious town) has be.e meaningful due to all these religious places. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: