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A man’s sperm with the seasonal changes of the secret – in fact every man in the Sohu of maternal and child grow up, will have a certain amount of daily sperm from the male first spermatorrhea, until they died, their bodies are always Jing liquid inside, as long as the male sperm is still alive, will not stop there so, the sperm will also continue to appear in the body of men. No one should know how many life man’s sperm quantity, number and semen, there is no way to calculate, but there is a certain appearance of sperm, will not be at a certain age it stopped producing the sperm will always produce in Everfount. The same number, semen excretion is increased; if not she, then there would be no secretion of seminal plasma. The resulting sperm will be absorbed by the testicles themselves. In what men’s sperm quantity depends on men’s health is particularly important for men’s health, not only to see the health of the body, or to see their sperm quality, so that the quality of sperm is also belongs to the category of men’s health. There are a large number of convoluted seminiferous tubules in the testes of males, which contain interstitial cells. Seminiferous tubule is the place where the sperm is produced, and the number of sperm produced in life can reach more than 1 trillion. The right testis is relatively heavy in normal men have two balls, one on each side, are in the male scrotum, testis shape is oval, the color is white, the position on the right side of the lower position than about a centimeter. Italy’s famous statue, David’s testicles, clearly shows this feature. General adult male testis length is about 3.5 to 4.5cm, the width is 2 to 3cm, the thickness is 1 to 2cm, the average quality of the left testis and adult male is about 10.2g, but they have the right testis than the left a bit heavier, the average quality is about 10.7g. The high quality of sperm in which season, the researchers found that the changes in the quality of men’s Jing fluid may be related to the season. It was found that the sperm of the deformed head was more common in autumn than in spring. This is because in the hot summer, the temperature of the scrotum is high, so in the fall of the release of the Jing fluid from the abnormal sperm. The increase of sperm head defect may be related to the increase of scrotal temperature. The proportion of immature sperm in summer is higher than in other seasons. However, the winter is easy to make a man’s sperm tail defects. Spring is the highest frequency of sperm tail defects. The defect of the tail is very poor, so it is difficult to get into the egg. In general, the highest number of sperm in the winter, and then in the spring; sperm activity is strongest in autumn and winter. Special reminder: not all hospitals are family hospital, the hospital family is only one of Beijing, no branch! Beijing family hospital is approved by the State Department of health of the infertility specialist hospital. Welcome to call Beijing Tianlun hospital 24 hours hotline: 010-85631116.相关的主题文章: