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Careers-Employment Some of the most infamous and top-selling rock/heavy metal shirts are by the band Metallica. Their merchandise transcends generations around the world. You can find a teenager in Vietnam wearing a Master of Puppets shirt and a 50 year old man at a concert in California wearing a Ride The Lightning shirt. Metallica has been such a big band for so long that people of all ages listen to them. And the band has some of the most loyal fans in the business. People who listen to Metallica have been listening to them for years upon years. Metallica is one of the godfathers of heavy metal and havent strayed much from their original sound. Their t-shirt designs have also reflected this. Metallica has kept of their same t-shirt designs in print for the last 15-20 years. Original Metallica t shirts that are still in print include Master of Puppets, Ride The Lightning, Damage Inc., Kill Em All, And Justice For All, and Dorris. However, Metallica has expanded their merchandise line greatly in the last 10 years. The most popular new Metallica t-shirt is definitely the Puppet Strings shirt. This shirt is a new variation of the Master of Puppets shirt. It has proven to be extremely popular in the Metallica merchandise market. Being a band that people all around the world camp out for just to gain a good viewing spot at their concert, its only natural that Metallica would produce a great amount of merchandise and t shirts to appeal to their tremendous fan base. Metallica shirts and merchandise can be found all over the internet and in stores. Also, by doing a simple search online, a fan of the band can find Metallica beanies, hats, hoodies, patches, posters, stickers, leather cuffs, and chain wallets. Their fan base is incredibly passionate about the group. Many are collectors of the Metallica concert t-shirts. The group is simply one of the most popular heavy metal groups of all time. Their massive merchandise sales only help the band grow in stature and remain one of the premier bands in heavy metal worldwide. Metallica shirt designs might change with each respective album, but their logo usually remains steady on all of their shirts and merchandise. For more information and to view Metallica shirts and merchandise please visit ..illrockmerch.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: