MITSUBISHI Japan Union Europe and the United States keep bearish risk mood

MITSUBISHI UFJ: Europe and the United States remained bearish risk sentiment improved FX168 news Tokyo MITSUBISHI UFJ Bank (BTMU) on Thursday (February 18th) released the customer report, the euro by financial market turmoil performance boost and a strong break 1.1000 in early February, but the action can begin to fade, and return to the downward trend. Analysts said: "the banking panic in Europe this week has been eased this week. In addition, the Chinese government’s financial support for the troubled industries and the oil production freeze agreement will help to improve market risk sentiment. The euro dollar is expected to continue to weaken next week." On the other hand, due to the absence of important macroeconomic data for the moment, the market volatility and the euro trend will be mainly affected by a wider range of financial market conditions. There are not too many ECB officials to speak next week, and only Peter Praet, member of the ECB board of directors, will speak next Friday. "The continued improvement of the financial environment will support our bearish view, and the rise in risk appetite will dominate the foreign exchange market next week," the analyst added." To sum up, BTMU maintains a bearish view on the euro dollar trend next week and predicts that the exchange rate will be in the range of 1.0950 to 1.1450 in the short term. (Euro dollar 4 hours chart, source: FX168 financial network) Beijing time 02:14, Euro dollar newspaper 1.1116. Proofing: LINDA goes into Sina Finance shares

三菱日联:欧 美走势保持看空 风险情绪改善   FX168讯 东京三菱日联银行(BTMU)周四(2月18日)发布客户报告称,欧元在2月初受金融市场动荡表现的提振而强势突破1.1000,但目前上行动能开始消退,走势又重归下行。   该行分析师表示:“上周爆发的欧洲银行业恐慌在本周已经得到缓解,此外,中国政府对问题产业的财政支持以及产油国产量冻结协议的达成均有利于改善市场风险情绪。预计欧元 美元下周将继续走弱。”   另一方面,由于暂时没有重要的宏观经济数据出炉,因此市场波动性和欧元走势将主要受到更大范围的金融市场状况影响。下周并无太多欧洲央行(ECB)高官讲话,只有欧洲央行理事会成员Peter Praet将于下周五发表讲话。   该行分析师补充道:“当前持续改善的金融环境将支持我们的看空观点,风险偏好情绪的回升将主导下周的外汇市场。”   综上所述,BTMU保持对下周欧元 美元走势的看空观点,预测汇价短期内将交投于1.0950至1.1450区间。   (欧元 美元4小时图,来源:FX168财经网)   北京时间02:14,欧元 美元报1.1116。   校对:LINDA 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: