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How Easy It Is To Stream Netflix Content? Posted By: Brooke M. Perry Netflix is the best way to stream media and movies. However, if you opt for something additional, then it will help enhance your experience. Opting for a service like Flix Plus will give you numerous tools that will help you enjoy the Netflix content better. The Flix Plus provides an all-in-one solution to your media needs. You can browse and watch in a better manner. If you know how to work with it, then your Netflix will give you better results. What Is Flix Plus? Flix Plus is an extension of Chrome that supports Netflix browser experience. It helps in creating a better experience with customized keyboard shortcuts and hide content that is not useful. The user can hide the summary, text, previews and spoilers, as it often seems unnecessary. Many people use the app on tablets, iPad or HDTVs, but you still need to use the extension. The extension provides better tools for content selection and helps you search for media instantly. You can install the app on your Smartphone or your laptop and then sling it to Chromecast using your Smartphone. You will be easily able to sort out the content without any hassles.

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iphone 5 case Media Players – A Brief Overview Posted By: Curtis Hoskins Media Players are connection devices such as Blu-ray Players and gaming consoles which allow you to link the internet and your Home Network to your television. It is promptly becoming a staple in home entertainment. Having a connected HDTV provides applications which bring you movies, web content, music, news, weather and much more. Some experts see it as the future for all TV viewing and will eventually replace cable TV. With prior announcements by Sony offering subscription base Hulu Plus to its PlayStation 3 Gaming Console, this just might be the case. The three leading types of devices available for internet connection are Plug-and-Play Set Tops, Blu-ray Players and HDTVs that have internet access. Roku HD-XR, Seagate Free Agent GoFlex TV and Western Digital TV Live Plus players are forms of plug-and-play devices that bring you content such as Netflix streaming, Amazon Video on Demand, YouTube videos, Pandora, Sports and other selections. Seagate and Ruku are forever expanding their selections trying to entice consumers and developers. Seagate has 10 channels in addition to 17 international video feeds of news programs and 17 feeds from CNN, ABC News, NBC, Fox, CBS and MSNBC.

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