Nice! At the world exposure promotion song MV Deng Chao

Good! "The whole world" exposure promotion song MV Deng Chao soulful singing Sina entertainment Zhang Jiajia original screenwriter, director Deng Chao Zhang Yibai [micro-blog], [micro-blog] starring, Bai Baihe [micro-blog] guest star, Yang Yang, Zhang Tianai, Yue Yunpeng [micro-blog] [micro-blog] [micro-blog] Liu Yan, cuckoo, starring movie "from your world will pass by" the National Archives released in September 29th. The day before, the film released by the film starring Deng Chao soulful singing love songs "," radio music promotion, passionately devoted Deng Chao appeared in the vertical version of MV become an independent school, handsome. Deng Chao – Karen Mok [micro-blog] classic "radio song" the interpretation of the "love" ear "movie released heavy material again passing from your world", Deng Chao changed the funny than image, soulful singing Karen Mok’s classic "radio song", for the first time, challenge the vertical version of MV, a novel composition makes them have a unique style. A bright. In the latest exposure of MV, Deng Chao wore a solid color T-shirt, in a chair singing alone, between the facial features is full of stories, gentle and delicate singing as if it is in a low voice singing love lover’s ear. "We have been forgetting to take a bridge to the other side of the mind to look at," such a deep feeling of Deng Chao like a lonely DJ, a lost singer, a confused poet in love. "A person will eventually have another person, everything does not matter, as long as you are good at the end," the last movie monologue in the response of the guitar is even more difficult to forget. Deng Chao in the movie from across the world, as the radio station DJ Chen Chen, the love song "love radio" is also telling a story of "passing". The end Chen is a "often for others to solve the puzzle of life, but my life is still a mess of people", Deng Chao also said that Chen end although seemingly happy and clever, but in fact he was the "feelings of the rest of the people, feel very confused about love and life. "About love, we know too little, love and not feel reliable", Deng Chao in the song "radio song" in Chen at the end of the movie alone, will sing the silent grief at separation and joy in union. Deng Chao fearless facial close-up vertical version of MV "every second is the exposure of the" wallpaper "radio song" MV uses a novel vertical composition, with black and white forms have a unique style. Not only that, Deng Chao without fear of testing, MV in the face of his continuous appearance of various angles. The picture of Deng Chao in blue eyes, slightly wrinkled brow, even inadvertently on the face wrinkles like in recounting his experiences and stories, the composition of his lonely long vertical accentuates, but also highlights the charm of a mature man. The exquisite degree of the picture was dubbed, this is the real 360 degree no dead angle, MV every second screenshots are like wallpaper!" So far, the movie "passing from your world has released" Li Ronghao "," Faye Wong said "you are my" end point and Deng Chao’s "radio song" three songs, each one to make the audience of the film is to lead a person to endless aftertastes, straight up, the film side will launch later new songs? What about these beautiful songs in the movie?相关的主题文章: