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Internet-and-Business-Online About a month ago I was fortunate to participate in a Direct Marketing course with guru Mark Hoverson where he revealed nine kick butt video marketing tips that will improve the quality and appeal of your videos. So let’s get right to it, Tip 1. Whether you full-time or part-time in network marketing, look your best so that inspiration can be acted on. Looking well makes you feel well and perform and produce well. Tip 2. Every 7 seconds show a different background and you will be implementing the "Hollywood Secret." One .mon example of this is filming while you’re walking. Establish a uniqueness in your Videos with action and movement. Tip 3. Utilize open loops. An open loop is when you share 90% of something and leave 10% unanswered. Tune into any local newscast and you’ll quickly see an example as they constantly use open loops and right before .mercial say, .ing up next we will tell you why … or "Stay tuned as we will answer …". Tip 4. Express your body language. Body language reveals a high intimacy factor. There exists a much higher chance of influencing and connecting with people. Feel .fortable opening yourself to nonverbal .munication such as your facial expressions, the set of your eyes, your posture and how you carry your shoulders, the clothes you wear. All of these things are influencing subconsciously in either winning people towards you or repelling them away from you. Smile and smile a lot. It’s very important to look at the center of the camera without darting your eyes to the left or right. Your posture, throw your shoulders back and be confident. So get your shoulders up, smile on your face, crisp voice and eye contact. Tip 5. Drawing on a video is powerful. Whether you using an easel or a bamboo tablet on a screen capture, drawing locks in more senses and makes a deeper connection with your leader prospect. Tip 6. The cadence of your voice is usually an overlooked .ponent of your voice that is very important. If you think about it, there should be a musical rhythm to your voice. If you tend are a mumbler, then you want to record yourself so that you work on speaking clearer. If you are one of many of us who the word you know, umm or humm for a pause while we think of what to say, sound intelligent by inserting a pause. Tip 7. Produce many videos. Take all types of educational, how to videos, life style and training illustrations videos until you get good. You will be authentic. People will be attracted to you when they see and feel that you bring value. Tip 8. Produce whole body of videos. Videos that show you interact pain with your family, your kids, your pets, dancing, singing to music, eating food and enjoying life. Tip 9. Show proof in all of your videos. People just love to see before and after results. Give them what they want. Incorporate these nine Kick Butt Video Marketing Tips and you will create higher quality videos and experience deeper connections and rapport with your audience. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: