Online shopping mobile phone pocket Chengdu people suddenly caught fire burns – Beijing required ski pppd-175

Online shopping mobile phone pocket suddenly caught fire, the people of Chengdu were lenovo mobile phone – Beijing burn skin grafting needed for an online shopping, right in the pants pocket, flared up. August 28th morning, the public Deng Ming (a pseudonym) too late to pull out the phone from his trouser pocket, suffered a Baba to burn, resulting in the left lower limb was II degree burns. Deng Ming said that the phone is 4 days ago from a Jingdong flagship store to buy the phone, there is no abnormal situation before the accident. Yesterday, Lenovo’s staff has Deng Ming’s mobile phone and burn away pants, said identification of mobile phone and Jingdong on the cause of the malfunction, mobile phone vendors that will provide customers with a full refund, then reply on the matter at the factory for further processing. Mobile phone put in my pocket board flared in the second people’s Hospital of Chengdu City, Deng Ming for the diagnosis of the injury of lower extremity II degree burns, except ankle and foot, his injured parts were painted plaster, the next will also for skin grafting. He told the Chengdu Business Daily reporter, 28 am to go to work in the street called a tricycle, when the phone on the left side of the pants pocket. "A tricycle did not sit down, left thigh and mobile phone contact sites began to feel pain, then the legs on the blue smoke coming out." Deng Ming jumped down from the tricycle, left carrying dead legs shaking, but burns. More and more heavy, so he jumped on the roadside. After some agonizing, Deng Ming’s legs were burned out of a big hole, see sparks, with his right hand to beat. At this time, the mobile phone in my pocket and rolled to the position of the calf, the calf burns, Deng Ming sat down on the ground, passing the public to help him to call 120. The phone fell out, Deng Ming this just found that the phone shell has been split, the circuit board burned out, he believes that the phone is broken up. 4 days ago on the Internet to buy just use the 2 days of this failure of the mobile phone for Lenovo gold fighter Note8 mobile enhanced 4G (A938t) standard edition. August 24th, Deng Minghua 499 yuan, in the Jingdong on a mobile phone called flagship store, the merchant of the Department to buy the phone. He told reporters, 26 in the afternoon before the phone was delivered, the night filled with electricity, put the card into the plug after the use of the 27 after a day, the morning of the accident on the 28." Reporters confirmed by Deng Ming Jingdong order records, this phone is indeed under the orders in August 24th, he said, after receiving the phone, did not find any abnormal situation, did not fall." Shop: you can refund or change the phone after the incident, Deng Ming, respectively, with the mobile phone manufacturers and manufacturers have made contact, is currently waiting for an answer. Yesterday, the reporter called the name of the person in charge of mobile phone flagship store, the other side responded that the store is the third party merchants on the Jingdong, the phone is from the manufacturer into the goods. The official said, after the incident, and has made contact with Lenovo, said manufacturers need one to two working days to reply." He said that at present can be a full refund or re send a new phone to the customer, and the next processing, and other manufacturers will reply after the. For the seller to send a"相关的主题文章: