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Open source | HUAWEI open source streamDM for Spark Streaming data mining software technology – Sohu selected from the machine of the heart in compilation: Du HUAWEI f. Hirth Noah’s Ark open source stream DM laboratory, is a use of Spark Streaming data mining software. Stream DM is an open source software licensed under the Apache Software License v2.0. Learning large data streams from large data streams (Big Data stream learning) is more challenging than batch or offline learning, since data is unlikely to remain the same in the flow. In addition, each sample in the data stream can only be processed once, otherwise they will need to be used to summarize the memory. Spark Streaming Streaming Spark is an extension of the core Spark API, which allows multiple streams of data processing possible. Spark is a scalable programmable framework for large-scale distributed data sets (also known as resilient distributed data set (RDD)) processing. Spark Streaming receives the input data stream after the data in batches, and then processed by the Spark engine to generate results. The Spark Streaming data is organized into a DStreams sequence that is internally represented as a RDD sequence. Contains the following methods: in the first open StreamDM, we deployed a: we deployed the following data generator (): we deployed SampleDataWriter: (a), it can transfer data generator creates a sample data for simulation and test. We will plan to open the following: the next step in order to quickly introduce the operation of the StreamDM, please open the Getting Started file. StreamDM Programming Guide () shows the details of the StreamDM. Complete API document, you can refer to here:. © this paper compiled by the heart of the machine, reproduced please contact the public number to obtain authorization. ————————————————? Join the heart of machines (full-time reporter Intern): hr@almosthuman submission or seek reports: editor@almosthuman advertising business cooperation: bd@almosthuman &相关的主题文章: