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Business The demand of organic vegetables and crops has increased rapidly. In order to cater to the nutrient needs of high yield crops and vegetables, Organic Fertilizers are used. Organic Fertilizers are eco-friendly agrochemicals that are widely used in various organic farming practices. The Organic Fertilizers and inorganic fertilizers serve the same purpose. The only difference is that Organic Fertilizers are harmless and eco-friendly while the other can be harmful to environment and human beings. Organic Fertilizers are manufactured in different forms such as liquid, granules, etc. Organic Fertilizers that have liquid base are called Organic Liquid Fertilizers. Some of the well-known Organic Liquid Fertilizers are: Phosphobacteria Phosphobacteria (PSB) is an Organic Liquid Bio Fertilizer. Its formulation contains Phosphate solubilizing bacteria (Bacillus megaterium var phosphaticum). These bacteria quickly dissolve the chemically fixed phosphate and make it accessible to the plant system. This fertilizer is useful in promoting plant growth in various crops, fruits and vegetables Some examples include wheat, rice, cotton, mustard, sunflower, groundnut, soybean, ginger, potato, turmeric, onion, sugarcane, etc. Azospirillum Azospirillumis is another Eco-Friendly Liquid Bio Fertilizer that is formulated with various nutrients and bacteria. It contains numerous lipid granules. These lipid granules enter cortical cells of the root and perform nitrogen fixation. It also produces bio-active substances such as vitamins, nicotinic acid, gibberellins etc. It enhances the size, color, number, flavor of the yield. Potash Mobilizing Bacteria The formulation of Potash Mobilizing Bacteria contains Frateuria aurentia, a kind of bacteria that encourages healthy growth of the yield. Organic carbon such as sugars, amino acids and other organic acids, released from seeding is utilized by bacteria. During the plant growth, these bacteria mobilize potash and make it accessible for plant, which further enhances the yield and growth. Azotobacter The preparation of Azotobacter contains millions of bacteria. The bacteria present in Azotobacter support nitrogen fixation efficiently. Its formulation also contains other growth-promoting substances such as vitamins, nicotinic acid, acetic acid, gibberellins etc. These substances are helpful in stimulating healthier germination, root and shoot growth. Prabhat Fertilizer & Chemical Works is a recognized Manufacturer and Supplier of wide range of Organic Farming Fertilizers . The company also deals in other Fertilizers and Chemicals. The products manufactured and supplied by the company include Zinc Sulphate Heptahydrate, Micronutrient Fertilizers, Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate, Seaweed Extract, Bio Pesticides and Bio Fertilizer Manufacturers in India . The company is acknowledged as a reliable Micronutrient Fertilizers Manufacturers. To get more information on company and its products, log on to their website ..prabhatfertilizer.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: