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and FHA home loan programs have much in .mon. Both try to make affordable home ownership available to people, but there is a big difference to be found between the two. VA home loan programs are available specifically for those who served in the armed forces. By looking into both of the programs, mortgage-seekers can find a federal program to help with their home financing. Typically, if one program doesnt work, the other may. are targeted at qualifying veterans, as part of the benefits given to those who have served the country in the armed forces. In order to qualify for the loan from the VA home loan programs, a veteran has requirements to meet. The borrower must have good credit, including credit in good standing and an adequate credit score The borrower has to get a Certificate of Eligibility from the VA The veteran has to have enough in.e to take care of the loan There are debt-to-in.e ratios to be met, which are outlined in the VA home loan programs guidelines The home must be used as the residence after either closing on the loan or .pletion of renovations There are other individuals who have access to the VA home loan programs. Those people include: Reserve or National Guard soldiers, who meet certain requirements Former Allies from World War II who are now U.S. Citizens (or their spouses) Widowed spouses who have not remarried of soldiers who have died as a result of service-related injuries Benefits of the VA home loan programs include No down payment loans Good fixed and adjustable interest rates, regardless of credit history Lengthened and flexible terms of 15-30 years or more No prepayment penalty Assistance during financial hardship Protection and warranty against discrimination and poor buildings But some who have just limited time in the armed forces or who cannot qualify for VA home loan programs may still be able to work with the FHA home loan programs. Also, those with no military experience can work with the FHA home loan programs. About FHA Home Loan Programs For those who cant take advantage of the VA home loan programs, there are FHA home loan programs available. While the FHA home loan programs do not have many advantages over the VA process, there are some. With the FHA programs, more than half of the loan is insured, a benefit not available in the VA, which should be considered by veterans. FHA home loan programs are similar to VA loans in many other ways, aside from the insured benefit. FHA home loan programs also offer Low down payment Federal security, which can mean better terms from lenders Flexible terms Adjustable payment options Good interest rates and affordable payments Refinance options for existing loans Qualifying borrowers can benefit from either the VA home loan programs or the FHA home loan programs. By meeting the requirements of each program, borrowers can make their home ownership goals a reality with good terms and through these good programs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: