Ramirez vowed to return to the Brazil national team learning Paulinho good example-brock lesnar

Ramirez vowed to return to the Brazil national team: learning a good example of Ramirez Paulinho looking to return to the national team of Brazil Phoenix sports news Beijing time on September 7th, according to the "GOAL" network reported, Jiangsu Suning Brazil star Ramirez said in an interview that he was ready to return to the Brazil team to prepare, he believes that Evergrande midfielder Paulinho re selected for the Brazil team has set a good example for their. Previously, due to the super understanding is not enough, many of the Brazil players as long as join in, is equivalent to cut off the Brazil national team selected as possible, there are also some Brazil players refused to join the super team. However, with the beginning of a number of foreign media broadcast Super League, super in the international image began to have a positive change. Brazil coach teeter office, put up a pageantry study super effective in players, including Gil and Augusto were continuously recruited. The biggest surprise is from Guangzhou Hengda, Paulinho and Gaolatedou in the Selecao squad. Although the GalAT missed the final roster, but Paulinho was absent after more than a year’s time to return to the Brazil team, two qualifiers recently, he was the Selecao starter. Paulinho chongpi Samba yellow jersey super two Augusto and Paulinho joining starting Paulinho example also let Jiangsu Suning Brazil star Ramirez saw the Brazil team hope to be. Prior to joining super, Ramirez is a frequent visitor to Brazil, but since coming to Suning, he has more than 1 years time has not been selected. Ramirez said: "of course, I really want to go back to Brazil, I think I’m ready. But it depends on the coach. In the super players got called up, for example, Paulinho, Gil and Augusto. Since they can do it, I can do it. I will continue to work hard to defend my rights to Brazil." Ramirez also talked about joining Suning’s decision: "I think it’s a good decision for both of us. Suning has a very good plan, and I am an important part of the plan, of course, there are economic considerations. I had a good time in China. I’m very popular here. The country is well organized, and so is Su ning." (gradually)相关的主题文章: