September bank financial market volume and price fell down to 3.66%

September bank financial market volume and price down the expected earnings down to 3.66% Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The overall decline in financial market background, September bank financial market is not immune, a volume and price down "pattern, the low interest rate era income financial products rate downward or will become the norm. Financial 360 released the latest data show that in September the scale of financial products declined, the average expected earnings down to 3.66%. Data show that in September the bank issued a total of 8660 models of financial products, a decline of 9.08%. Among them, the RMB financial products 8501, down by 9.14%; foreign currency financial products of the 158, down by 5.92%. And due to concerns about the Fed’s monetary policy in September, the U.S. financial products are still touted by the market, occupy the dominant position of foreign currency financial products, the proportion of up to 72.96% of the total number of foreign currency financial products. It is worth noting that in September the average expected return of bank financial products was 3.66%, the expected rate of return fell 0.04 percentage points higher than in August, a record low, and there are over 60% financial products yield between 3% and 4%. The rate of return of 3% (including 3%) the following financial products are 1167 models, accounting for 13.54%, compared with August increased by 0.43 percentage points; 3% to 4% (including 4%) between the 5153 models, accounting for 61.67%; 4.23% higher than, 4% to 5% (including 5%) between the 1949. Accounted for 23.32%, down 4.74%; 5% to 6% (including 6%) between the 36 models, more than 6% have 38, accounting for less than 1%. From 4.49% to September 2016 in September 2015, financial products revenue continued to decline, the current yield of a number of banks financial products fell below 4%. Not only yields downward, the phenomenon of non-compliance yields are also increasing. September 116 financial products did not meet the highest expected rate of return, the yield is not up to standard rate of 1.34%, compared with an increase of 0.03 percentage points in August. According to the reporter, September is not up to the standard of financial products in 113 models is a structured financial products, accounting for 97.4%. Structured financial products to achieve the highest expected rate of harsh conditions, is not up to the expected rate of return of the main reasons for the high number of products. Market participants warned that the current financial products to the net financial product development trend, but the net financial products can not predict the rate of return, return to net product in the form of the duration of regular or irregular disclosure. Therefore, the higher the risk of net based financial products, need to have a certain investment experience and risk tolerance. Investors should be based on their own risk tolerance, to buy different types of financial products. Looking forward to the four quarter of the banking market, the industry is expected to continue to decline in conventional product yields. Wang Mengsheng, 360 analysts believe that the theory of相关的主题文章: