Sichuan, Dujiangyan, the new municipal Party committee unveiled Zhang Yusong elected party secretary sexhu

Beijing Sichuan Dujiangyan new party team debut Zhang Yusong was elected party secretary in Sichuan online news (reporter Luo Xiangming) on October 29th -31, held in Dujiangyan City, Dujiangyan City, the Communist Party Chinese fourteenth congress. The election of the fourteenth Municipal Standing Committee, the Secretary of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee, deputy secretary of the fourteenth. Zhang Yusong was elected secretary, He Weikai, was elected Deputy Secretary of the Standing Committee of the people’s Republic of China: China and the United States and China, the Standing Committee of the people’s Republic of China: the people’s Republic of China, the Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), such as, she was elected by the people’s Republic of China, and was elected by the Standing Committee of the people’s Republic of china. The meeting set the goal of the next 5 years in Dujiangyan. Dujiangyan city will adhere to the "development framework of city two areas" and "three step" development strategy, focusing on higher city positioning and development needs, always put the tourism and the city as the core of future development, always put the innovation and reform as the key to future progress, always put the bigger total economy, excellent quality, improve the economy the welfare of the people’s livelihood as the pursuit of future career, promote coordinated development of economic, political, cultural, social, ecological civilization construction and party, high standard of building a well-off society, as the decisive basis of the construction of international tourism city. In the next five years, the goal is: high standard comprehensive well-off society, to achieve the single sightseeing tourism destination to tourism and leisure resort, the Sichuan tourism hub to Sichuan tourism center "two leaps", for the Dujiangyan city built a beautiful urban environment based on city modernization as the support, leading to tourism the industry position clear, comprehensive perfect service function features, and lay a solid foundation to have international influence, attraction and radiation force is an important tourist destination and distribution center for international tourism city. To 2021, Dujiangyan city GDP is expected to exceed 50 billion yuan, the tourism income of more than quadruple that of 2016, the added value of tourism in the proportion of GDP and strive to reach 35%, urban and rural residents per capita disposable income grew faster than GDP growth, and strive to enter the ranks of the national economic development of the County hundred counties ".相关的主题文章: