Spacecom is seeking a new contract with China Xinwei group in the satellite after the explosion (vid solid converter

Spacecom in the satellite after the explosion and seek new contracts Chinese Xinwei group spaceX super large fireworks is too loud, don’t blame me for not reminding you of the Falcon nine rocket and Amos-6 satellite together in a routine test before takeoff in the explosion of space Tencent news according to foreign media reports, the Israeli satellite operator Space Communications (SCC) the company announced on Sunday, the last week due to destroy communications satellite exploded in the SpaceX rocket in the accident, they modify the merger agreement shall be Beijing Xinwei technology group of the Limited by Share Ltd. Xinwei group agreed last month to $285 million acquisition of Spacecom company and SCC company said the successful launch of Amos-6 satellite is one of the mergers and delivery conditions, the satellite was originally expected on Saturday to launch. On Thursday, Florida is located in the Cape Canaveral launch base Spacex’s Falcon nine rocket and satellite Amos-6 together in a routine test before takeoff in exploded and destroyed. Spacecom said the accident will cause huge losses to the company, the share capital is expected to be reduced by 30 million to $123 million. The day of the explosion, the company’s shares fell 9 percentage points. The company on Sunday morning emergency suspension, and the resumption of trading and lost 34 percentage points. Spacecom said on Sunday, has reported the latest satellite loss to Xinwei group and other buyers, and according to the latest situation of the agreement to change the conditions. In a conference call, Spacecom legal counsel Gil Lotan said that it is still too early to predict the trend of mergers and acquisitions, we hope that the parties interested in the purchase of buyers to communicate effectively. Earlier, there are many large customers intend to use Amos-6 satellite services, including Facebook plans to use the satellite to expand the African Internet market. Bezeq, Israel’s largest telecoms provider, said that their company’s digital satellite TV supply unit, YES, could be affected by the destruction of the Amos-6 satellite. In the past, the company has been using Amos-2 and Amos-3 satellites to provide services, but now there is no substitute, the company may have to cancel some channels. Spacecom said that they have the right to obtain the Amos-6 satellite manufacturing company in Israel, Aviation Industry Corp (IAI) the full grant funds will also receive compensation of SpaceX for $50 million, or they can choose not to spend the extra cost in the future use of SpaceX when launching service. Spacecom will also take back the original guarantee that the Amos-6 satellite successfully entered the track of the insurance, the company said that once they get the compensation, will immediately return all creditors totaling $232 million. (compile)相关的主题文章: