Spanish Rioja Wine Makes A Perfect .plement To Your Meal-yo te amo

Food-and-Drink For the average wine drinker many choices are made when making a purchase. What is the price range? What is the age of the wine? What food types can it be paired with? How does it taste and what is the quality? For all of these questions and more Spanish Rioja wine will make a perfect .plement to your meal or as a house gift to someone else’s. Many may not know that wine from Spain is third in the world for production after France and Italy. This alone means that it is highly accessible and available for your everyday meals. It is made from the tempraniello grapes that are grown in Spain. This is what gives it the unique flavor that you experience when you drink it. It can be your table wine or a more expensive version can be dressed up for a special occasion or event at an inexpensive cost for you. There are three classifications of rioja wine. They are Crianza, Reserva, and Gran Reserva. For those that are on a limited budget you will want to try the Crianza. It must be aged for at least one year in oak and another year inside the actual bottle. This would be considered the table wine version. This will cost you anywhere from five to ten dollars USD. Reserva is the next level of Spanish wine. It must meet the aging requirement of one year in the barrel and two years in the bottle for a total of three years of aging. And the final level is the Gran Reserva. It must be aged for two years in the barrel and three years in the bottle for a total of five years. The price point is usually around twenty US dollars. Because of the time that is involved with the Grand Reserva it is not offered every year. So when you do see it you might want to stock a few bottles for your very special occasions. The three regions that produce this wine are Rioja Alta, Rioja Baja, and Rioja Alavesa. They en.pass 123,000 acres of land. Each region has its own distinctive flavor. If you are looking for that old world style then you will want to try wine from the Rioja Alta region. If you want wine that is not as pale and has a stronger alcoholic content then the Rioja Baja is for you. Some bottles contain as much as 18 percent. The Rioja Alavesa provides you with wine that has a fuller body that many require with their meals. Spanish Rioja wine might not be as popular or as well known as those from France or Spain but they are slowly making their mark on the world. As they have been able to steadily increase their production amounts they can be your next choice for a good quality wine that meets your budget. For less than twenty dollars you can try it out and see what the all the fuss is about. You are sure to find that it will .plement any meal or special event. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: