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Spicy Chenzhou food, come to the bowl! Sohu – tourism recently re read "the moon and six pence", the 285th page appeared in this passage: they are strangers in their place of birth; from childhood is very familiar with the leafy lanes, with Buddy game in which the densely populated streets, for them is nothing but a journey one night stand…… Sometimes a person to a place, will be a mysterious feel that this is their own shelter, he has been looking for a home…… He found peace here." Hillview photography for a long time, my stomach for the love of Hunan cuisine and fascination, let me once suspected life is the origin of Hunan and, of course I often feel that their past is a tibetan. Who knows! In short, Chenzhou trip to make my stomach get great satisfaction, every day I look forward to most is not to be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Xiangxi, but what time is dinner! Xiaolan Hunan one day photography began to write from the fish fish, because fish meal is really too delicious. When in Chongqing, my day started from a bowl of noodle, and then to Hunan Chenzhou, my day and all the people of Chenzhou, from the beginning of a bowl of fish meal. Photography is a combination of Rice noodles and fish meal Xiaolan fish soup, the Rice noodles seemingly vermicelli, but does not contain any colloid, but pure Rice noodles are now sold, so the taste is soft and delicate, slightly cooked a long time will melt, there are a variety of collocation of fish, fried grass carp, slightly fried yellow n-spicy the big fish, fresh boiled fish powder, I love the most, the head is full of material, often with a head below a large fish meat, the soup boiled into white powder, of course, on the morning of the fish must be fresh fish soup, so beautiful, fine, I can always flesh a little soup left! Chenzhou people eat meal, no matter what your identity what position, patiently queuing meal in front of the stove, and then sitting on a long wooden table, big mouth soup into powder! Xiaolan restaurant Hunan Laobiao photography arena in Chenzhou city is not too small, there is no excuse geographical concept I can only describe this street, some messy, like countless bustling and simple Town, quiet through the spring and autumn and winter! Stayed in Chenzhou for 2 days, but also in the restaurant to eat 3 meals a restaurant, looks very ordinary, there is a not so elegant name, but let me know of Hunan cuisine is not small! Photography Xiaolan NO.1 balsam of Hunan Duck in Brown Sauce Duck in Brown Sauce blood blood a Han Chinese traditional dishes. It is said that in the local, almost every family will do the dishes. Don’t look at this dish sell overhangs, is quite delicious and appetizing. Duck slaughter quite bold, black, shiny brown duck gourd crisp green jade, three stir together a collision, spicy, salty and crisp, and do not lose the details of the tender delicious, thick soup poured in Steamed Rice, is also very good, it seems that the people of Hunan will also be a bold personality now! Of course, it is said that it is a test the ability, for example, in order to ensure the perfect fusion of blood clots and duck slaughter, when the time to get quite sophisticated, cooking temperature also pay attention to every minute! But for the old restaurant.相关的主题文章: