Still far away, is or happening What are the consequences of global central bank credibility

Still far away, is or happening? What are the consequences of global central bank credibility bankruptcy? (multi) FX168 news at the Bank of Japan (BOJ) policy effect from the Almighty reduced to completely incompetent, seems to be global investors for other major central banks trust also fell to the freezing point. The FED’s "control power" and its credibility decline with the increase in interest rate probability Pricing: not only that, but fundamental data are also constantly thrown into question. First, inventory sales ratio rose to a record high since the global recession: payrolls data on Fridays but apparently get both praise and blame, "bad news" more, wage growth has entered a "decline": the employment participation rate also unable to reverse the decline: This is not enough? The financial markets also confirmed the inability of central bank policymakers: the collapse of stock markets exposed the market confidence has been discouraged, the rise of gold and U.S. debt futures show investors no sense of security". There is no doubt that the Fed chairman Yellen (Janet Louise Yellen) and congressional testimony night is a good time for investors to "prick". Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

依然遥远or正在发生?全球央行信誉破产会有啥后果?(多图)   FX168讯 在日本央行(BOJ)施政效果从全能沦落到彻底无能,似乎全球投资者对于其他主要央行的信任感也降至了冰点。   美联储(FED)的“掌控力”及其公信力随着加息概率定价跌落谷底:   非但如此,基本面数据也在不断抛出质疑。首先,库存-销售比升至全球衰退以来的新高:   上周五的非农就业数据毁誉参半,但显然“坏消息”更多,薪资增速进入了“下降通道”:   就业参与率也无法扭转颓势:   这些还不够?金融市场同时确认了央行决策者们的“无力”:   股市原油的崩跌暴露了市场信心已泄气,金价和美债期货的上涨彰显投资者毫无“安全感”。毫无疑问,美联储主席耶伦(Janet Louise Yellen)晚间的国会证词又是投资者“挑刺”的好时机。    进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: