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Womens-Issues Those times when you feel relaxed, at peace, and in tune with your body can be some of the most enjoyable moments of your day. Dr. Maureen Muoneke knows that when you’re pregnant, it can be more of a challenge to achieve this kind of balance. There is a lot on your mind, and it often seems like there’s still so much to prepare. Your body feels foreign to you, and stress only causes you to feel worse. But, there’s little doubt that a calm mother-to-be will have an easier time with the physical and emotional challenges that pregnancy and childbirth can bring. No matter which trimester you’re in, you will undoubtedly experience times of doubt and fear, "will everything go well, will my baby be healthy, will I be a good mother?" First of all, know this is a natural response. When so much is at stake, it can be hard to simply relax into the experience, especially when you still have your everyday stresses to deal with. Using some simple techniques to promote a stress-free pregnancy can help you move through this exciting time with confidence and serenity. There are two ways you can help yourself through this process. One is to alter your lifestyle and your mindset. The other is to engage in activities that can affect your mood and physical well-being. Lifestyle: Face it, we are busy. Whether it’s a job, family, even .munity obligations that are demanding your time, it can often feel like too much. Dr. Muoneke recognizes that, during pregnancy, you have to accept the fact that some things may need to change. You need to put yourself, and the well-being of your baby first. Evaluate your routine: Make a list of all the tasks in your day and prioritize them. Determine if there’s anything you can say "no" to, get help with, or to put off for a while. Recognize which items may be physically too much for you. Rally support: Enlist the aid of family and friends to help with physically challenging chores, or stressful obligations. It is often so hard for women to ask for help, but now is not the time to be superwoman. Understand that there are new limitations. Believe that you will not be left behind: For working women, it may feel as though any sign of "weakness" could jeopardize your career, so you want to continue pushing yourself on the job. While you don’t want to take advantage of the fact that you’re pregnant, there are times you may need to ask for an exception, expecially if you’re experiencing morning sickness or fatigue. Try talking with your boss or co-workers when you need a break, and help them to understand why. .municate: People aren’t mind readers. Even those closest to you may not know what you need, or how to help you, so .municate with them about what you’re going through. Help them to understand you, and in turn, understand that they, especially your spouse, may have concerns and anxiety too. Physical: Are you one of those "on-the-go types? While it’s possible to maintain a high level of activity when you’re pregnant, allow yourself to slow down and relax. Give yourself permission to indulge in some quiet time, to put your feet up, to escape – and don’t feel guilty about it! Do some research about exercises that will not only keep you fit, but will train you to relax, stretch, and to get in tune with your body. Check with your doctor before engaging in any program. Typically, if you were exercising heavily prior to prgnancy, you can continue to enjoy a fairly robust level of activity. If you were not previously involved in a regular exercise routine, learn some relaxation techniques, or try yoga for pregnancy. Read here for some tips on yoga exercises for pregnant women. Pregnancy massages, vitamin B (the ‘stress-relieving’ vitamin) breathing exercises, and even acupuncture can help relieve anxiety or stress, but again, always check with your doctor about whether these things are okay for you. Conclusion: Ultimately it is your physical and mental well-being that determines how you get through your pregnancy. Reducing stress and anxiety is necessary. It is also a great way to help you get in touch with the life that is growing inside you. Quiet moments can turn your focus inward, connecting you to your baby. So relax, take a deep breath, and enjoy your pregnancy to its fullest. Review by Ja.. Rated: 90/100 About the Author: 相关的主题文章: