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Writing-Articles The faster you can enter Sweepstakes the better are your chances of winning. Yes, it is true. Faster sweepstakes entry is crucial if you want to up your chances of winning. Just to clarify when we say "faster" we do not mean being the very first person to enter a specific Sweepstake. We are referring to "faster" we are referring to the amount entered. The more sweepstakes you enter the better your chances are to win. It’s that simple. With speed, when you enter a large number of sweepstakes on a daily basis, your odds of winning rise tremendously. Time is really the key but no one has an unlimited amount of time to spend entering sweepstakes and contests. It only makes sense to optimize your time so that you can get the most entries possible in the time you have available. Here are some tips will help you enter sweepstakes faster so that you can increase your chances of winning. Roboform is the tool that you must have. It will help you enter sweepstakes much faster. RoboForm stores and saves your entry information so that you can fill out the majority of all entry forms with one click. It saves you from doing a ton of typing and the risks of making a typo that could prevent you from receiving win notifications. Wouldn’t that be a bummer knowing you missed out on that $5000 a week for life when your name is selected for the PCH Sweepstakes. You can even download Roboform and try it for free. However, the upgraded version is totally worth the $29.95 it costs to use it for a lifetime. They also have downloads for both PC and Mac for your convienance. Most .puters now a days are easy to multitask with. Having several screens open on your task-bar at one time is .mon for most people. Keep mind that keeping those screens open can and will slow your .puter down. That will vary depending on your RAM, Bus Speed and Hard Drive etc. Sweepstakes will load faster if your .puter is not slowed down by other programs. Close any unnecessary windows on your .puter and task-bar, leaving only the browsers open for entering your selected Sweepstakes. By doing that, your pages will load faster, increasing your speed for entering sweepstakes. If you find yourself dealing with a dragging .puter when you have several windows you might seriously want to think about beefing up your .puter. The easiest is adding more RAM. Here is a video on how to add RAM to your .puter. It shows a demonstration for adding RAM to a deskstop .puter but the same rules apply for any .puter, even a laptop. Be prepared and have a list ready of Sweepstakes to enter. That way when you are ready to start entering them, you can enter much faster. After signing up for a Sweepstakes 13 Vendor Account you can search through the site and add Sweepstakes and Contests to your "My List". This list will be located in your account where you can edit and add to it anytime you want. The list will make entering your favorite Sweepstakes and Contests much easier and faster. A notification email will be sent to you anytime and Sweepstakes and Contest is about to expire. If you want to enter Sweepstakes fast, you can’t waste a lot of time looking for new sweeps during your precious entry time. You should have a list of sweepstakes that you want to enter every day waiting for you. We usually open about 6 to 8 sweepstakes pages at once so that they can start loading. Then is is best to start with the ones that load the fastest, filling out and submitting their entry forms. By the time you get through a couple sweepstakes entries the other pages will have finished loading. This will shorten on the waiting time, allowing you to have as little downtime as possible during your entry time. Many sweepstakes, especially instant wins, will let you play a game to find out if you’re the winner. Games can include running a race, spinning a wheel, sinking baskets, or gathering icons for prizes. How well you do has nothing to do with your odds of winning or not. Not to worry, many of them will not force you to participate. You can enter these type sweepstakes much faster if you look for a link that is something like "Can’t see the game?" Clicking that will tell you right away whether you have won or not. in turn, speeding up the entry process. There are those sweepstakes that will slow you down every time you try to enter them. It could be page load time or the length of the entry page. You might want to consider removing these sweepstakes from your daily sweepstakes list. If the prizes are really good then it might be worth the effort to enter. If not, replace them with Sweepstakes or Contests that have faster entries. It really boils down to what works for you and what more important to you. .e visit us and win! Sweepstakes 13 – A Place for Winners! 相关的主题文章: