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Tap dancing songbirds using non linguistic sounds it’s not just about the speed of courtship. Known in the courtship dance only fast songbirds tap, with their feet to produce more noise than other times during this period. Relevant results published in the days before the "bio acoustics" magazine. From East Africa blue Grenadier was given a Broadway star quality: eye-catching beauty, big voice and superb dance skills. They were so fast that they were not noticed until 2015. At the time, Masayo Soma and colleagues from the Hokkaido University in Japan captured these performances by high-speed photography. Long blue Grenadier this is a swing only with the feet to shuffle as many as 50 times a second frequency on a perch. The study found that unusually loud voice will the birds in tapdance: use enough power to knock the pace of branches, to produce an average of 30 decibels. For not performing in the courtship dance of the blue top Grenadier, the jump step when percussion sound produced branches usually reduced to 20 db. This indicates the formation of tapdance when the sound may be intentional, and is an important signal to attract a mate. "We fully believe that the blue Grenadier tap dance is an important part of the courtship process." Soma said, but it is very difficult to explain exactly how important this dance will be. Christopher Clark, from the University of California at Riverside, is a study of the nonverbal communication of animals, that is, the pronunciation of animals". He believes that provides reasonable explanation of blue Grenadier tap dance belongs to the "pronunciation" classification of the latest research. However, more research is needed to reinforce this view. Mother nature: a singing sparrow相关的主题文章: