Telecom operators to intercept fraud 140 million times per month – Hubei Channel – People’s network winpm

Operators are intercept telephone fraud 140 million times – Hubei Channel – newspaper in Beijing in October 22,     (reporter Wang Zheng) recently, the Ministry spokesman, chief engineer Zhang Feng introduction, the current basic telecom operators has shut down illegal speech line 17 thousand, the enterprise customer service phone (400 telephone) 310 thousand; the average monthly 140 million times to intercept telephone fraud; to investigate illegal business since 143, handling illegal personnel 231 people. This year, a total of 40 million basic operators and old users real name registration, as of the end of August, the phone user name rate has reached 94%; Pfeiffer warning short message 4 billion 500 million. In addition, the Ministry of public security organs and the Ministry of the Ministry of the province to build two telephone numbers involved in the rapid shutdown, involving clues fast query mechanism, shutting down the phone number involved in the case of 520 thousand. The next step will help the telecom enterprises to strictly implement the real name system, in October of this year before the end of the phone real name rate reached 96%, to reach 100% this year; supervise telecom enterprises to strengthen the protection of the user registration information; organize the Internet companies to clean up the Internet changing software; guide the telecom enterprises to improve technology to prevent interception etc.. "People’s Daily" (October 23, 2016 02 Edition) (week: Tim, commissioning editor Zhang Jun)相关的主题文章: