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.puters-and-Technology Hey everyone. I am really excited about my brand new ASUS-RT56U wireless network router and I can’t wait to tell everybody about it. My old wireless router was a cheapo and really sucked, so I learned my lesson and got among the best wireless routers that you can buy! We had to reboot the previous wireless router frequently. It’s extremely frustrating whenever your right in the middle of something and the Internet pretty much stops working.In addition to that the previous wi-fi router did not have Gigabit switch ports which can be necessary for gaming applications and videos.In reality it didnt have a lot of capabilities that the ASUS RT-N56U .es with or the nice design. It was also getting kind of lame to look at and the Asus Black Diamond is extremely nice looking. Especially in the dark. Like something Darth Vader would own! I’m definitely glad I got rid of the old wireless router and replaced it with the Asus Black Diamond. ASUS RT-N56U Features: In some ways it’s actually not fair to .pare this wireless router to many other routers because it has high-performance features like Hardware NAT Accelleration and Ai Radar which you can not even find on other routers in this price range.I seriously like its interesting design, its dual-band support for a lag free gaming environment.It was intended for video games and multimedia. Also you can print and share files to the Asus "Black Diamond" since it has twin multi-funtion USB ports. So here is how this wireless router breaks down: Dual bands. Both capable of 300Mbps. It includes 5 internal radios for strong signal strength and reception .bined with dual bands which support 300Mbs each. One wifi band is on the 5Ghz band and the other on the 2.4 Ghz band. It’s better to keep your gaming and video streaming on the 5GHz band which is .paratively interference free, and do everything else on the 2.4GHZ band. Four Gigabit switch ports to help keep the router from turning into a bottleneck on your 300Mbps WLAN. It also has an amazing EZ UI user interface that is very intuitive to use. How I Like It Until Now: Well, its been 10 days since I got this ASUS RT N56U Wireless Router and my recent experience is just wonderful. The wireless router looks beautiful and is a .plement to my decor. The user interface is the best I have seen on any other router and makes setting up my wifi network almost entertaining. Pros: Its attractive and .pact design, its good wi-fi signal reception, it is fast, offers good ports and slot configurations and it offers dual band support. It includes Gigabit (5Ghz) wireless connectivity. In benchmark tests it performs better than many other routers in the same class. Cons: Really the only bad thing I’ve experienced is the slow response when applying changes in the web interface. Aside from that the ASUS RT N56U Wireless Router doesn’t have any problems. Final result: This is like my third wireless router. The Asus Black Diamond is by far the best quality wireless router That I have ever owned. If you are living in a home with a lot of people on-line at the same time or you need a lot of availabity to run gaming applications or watch Hi-Def videos this wireless router was designed for you. You may also be pleasantly suprised to find that as nice as this wireless router is it is actually less expensive than most of the "bigger name" wireless routers available. The wireless router not only performs well; it looks good too. A .bination of sex-appeal and high-end functionality. Features like Hardware NAT Acceleration and "Ai Radar" give this wireless router superpowers unachievable with mortal routers. I don’t get why other wireless routers never thought about dual USB ports. It’s a very useful feature! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: