The Differences Between The Rich And The Poor In

Economics If we can simply divide people in the world in two groups according to the material possessions they have, there are two groups of people: the rich and the poor. Although the dividing line between the rich and the poor may vary from one country to another or even from one person to another, people can have a fuzzy recognition of which group they belong to. Only in the way of consumption the rich and the poor differ sharply. There is no denying that the poor are very sensitive to the price and they always in seek of the maximized marginal utility, in other words, they are eager to spend less money to handle more matters, therefore the poor are especially interested in the information about the discount. Fro example, they are extremely interested in the discount securities. They can cut these discount securities in the newspaper or collect the discount securities distributed on the street and at the specific time, they can enjoy the discount. Therefore the best measure that the businessmen adopt to cope with the poor is first to tag a .modity a rather high price, then to give an extremely low discount. Such being the case, the poor may think that they have taken big advantages. The rich always disdain to do such matter. They do not want to make the shopping process more troublesome. As to them, the time is precious, and the convenience is the most important. They would spend money whenever they want to. As to them, their current economic condition may let them obtain more degrees of freedom when they go shopping. Their purchase is always extemporaneous and they like to experience the expending process in the entity shop and enjoy the salesclerks explanation and the praise, although they know that is word of the flattery. They may inquire whether there is a discount, but they only actually want to prove their own astuteness and do not care about whether there is really a big discount or not. On the other hand, the rich care more about the shopping the experience. On many occasions, the rich person’s expense joy is only a flash after they have paid to possess the item. Afterwards they often lose interest in the .modity they have already bought. Even sometime, they will never use the item after they have brought it home. Such being the case, it seems that the poor pursue the item that is practical while the rich prefer those brand names to verify their taste. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: