The double 11 topic to break the Guinness world record it

The "double 11" topic to break the Guinness world record? November 7th, Guinness world records TM announced, according to the independent third party market research firm Nelson statistics, from November 3rd 14 to November 4th at 13:59, Tmall double 11 main activities within 24 hours on micro-blog and reached 2250535 times, successfully challenged the mentioned 24 hours of micro-blog TM most of the activity name "Guinness world records Title TM. 5 in the afternoon, Guinness world records certified officer Mr. Sina headquarters in, vice president of micro-blog and Tmall marketing department, the head of digital marketing, Duan Ling issued a certificate of the world record in the book of the book, mr.. 11 is the world’s most popular shopping carnival, micro-blog is one of the most people understand the shopping spree main platform day, Tmall released the annual double 11 explosion models list will form crazy spread in micro-blog. This year, 11, Tmall changed the previous form, H5 announced the form of the list of the explosion, with a live broadcast by Tmall’s most understanding of the goods industry experts to share the scene. November 3rd 18:00, Tmall 11 explosion inventory list conference in Xixi, Alibaba Park, a global broadcast, micro-blog official also launched a challenge on the same day Guinness world record TM title. In 24 hours, the live broadcast on micro-blog, a total of more than 6 million people watch, the total number of points more than 10 million. Up to now, Tmall’s dual 11 burst list of live micro-blog interactive volume has more than one million times. Challenge the second climax occurred in November 4th, 10 in the morning, @ micro-blog launched dual 11 Secretary Guinness activities to challenge micro-blog, the goal is to reach 1 million 200 thousand, mobilize friends to participate in the challenge, the micro-blog matrix account have to respond to onlookers, participate in the activities of this topic spread, the micro-blog @ micro-blog small secretary forwarded more than 110 thousand times. It is understood that the Guinness book of world records TM from 2014 to start China’s social media record certification. While micro-blog has two successful challenge Guinness record: January 14, 2015 19 to 18:59 on January 15th, micro-blog #24 # mention the amount of night hours on micro-blog to reach 1083853, won the Guinness world record "TM 24 hour micro-blog TM most mentioned activity name" title; and in 2014, micro-blog created the first Guinness world record title TM from the idol Luhan, then Luhan a micro-blog with 13 million 200 thousand comments by Guinness world records TM "micro-blog TM most commented Bowen" title, become the Guinness world record TM released the first Chinese social media worldwide world record. In the "double 11" challenge Guinness world record TM title on the same day, also in November 3rd, Wang Junkai in September 21, 2014 published a birthday micro-blog forward in the two years after the first break billion, to become micro-blog forward breaking millions of micro-blog, micro-blog is also after Luhan comments after breaking million, and a a new record 100 million values (this record without the Guinness world record for TM certification). Although the distance "double 11" there.相关的主题文章: