The guy to raise huge advertising threatening blackmail female boss 2 million yuan (video)-lightscape

The guy to raise huge advertising threatening blackmail female boss 2 million yuan want to marry his beloved girlfriend, but the woman’s parents made a huge betrothal, the boy together with fellow bosses rush into danger, extortion 2 million yuan, the riverbank police in one fell swoop. Girlfriend home to huge advertising guy anonymous email blackmail female boss 30 year old tiger (a pseudonym) from Shiyan, Fangxian, Wuhan is a real estate sales manager of the company. In the work, the tigers are often vice president Ms. Yang criticized each other that he do not carefully, sometimes even give him wear shoes. In this regard, the tiger had a lot of resentment. Not long ago, tiger and his girlfriend to talk of marriage, the woman’s parents can put forward million yuan huge betrothal gifts. Clutching their tight pockets, the tigers committed. "Why don’t you put the boss a Jiehen blackmail and impose exactions on, not only, but also can solve the problem of betrothal gifts." Tiger moved his revenge. In the afternoon of September 25th, tiger told his fellow friends Xiao Tao (alias), and said the company leaders should have economic problems, ready to use their guilty conscience and "buy money to buy peace" idea extortion 2 million yuan, after two people share. Xiaotao credit card overdraft 50 thousand yuan, income is not high, listen to this and immediately echocardiography, the two hit it off. Xiao Tao bought a bearer phone number at the roadside booth in accordance with the requirements of the tiger, and applied a new mailbox account with the new phone number, and sent an e-mail to Xiao Yang through the new mailbox according to the words provided by the tiger. At 16:23 on the 26 day, Ms. Yang received the anonymous mail. Ms. Yang in the mail has economic problems, involving violations of law. The message says he has a debt of 2 million yuan, Ms. Yang to help tide over the difficulties, and reply within 29 days before 15, otherwise to Ms. Yang ruin. 25 days to send 15 threatening letters, money didn’t cheat to wait for handcuffs, at 15:58 on September 29th, Ms. Yang replied to the mail, questioned who was sending mail. The other side replied that she did not pay attention to their demands and questioned their determination. After that, Ms. Yang also received mail, is a message to the top leaders of the company to shoot screenshots. In the face of It is sheer fiction. framed, Ms. Yang was very angry, decisive alarm. The police was informed that, in order not to act rashly and alert the enemy, asked Ms. Yang and the other by mail to communicate a bank card account and mobile phone number. In September 30th, Ms. Yang once again received two emails asking Ms. Yang to make a decision before 15 o’clock and send her bank account to her. Ms. Yang took the initiative to contact with the company leaders, and got the phone number sent by the other side to report sms. After receiving the bank account number and mobile phone number, the police carried out tracing, found that the account receivable account opened in Guangdong, Zhuhai, the phone number is not real name, has been in shutdown. The police suggested that Ms. Yang to contact with each other, yinshechudong. As of October 20th, Ms. Yang received 15 e-mails, urging her to pay money. 20, 18 am, riverbank police according to grasp the clues, locking the suspect’s range of activities, in Wuchang District, a supermarket before the suspect Xiao Tao captured. Subsequently, Xiao Tao confessed the tiger’s address, with the police arrested the tiger. At present, the crime is too suspect

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