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The man is really very attractive, 5 events you meet how many? Sohu event 1: love to cook the most charming men with small mom often said that "a cook than to find a rich man more happiness", you agree with me! However, Xiao Bian or yield! A hot variety show, "12 Feng taste" in Nicholas Tse is a man of love to cook, as a love cooking man in a woman’s eyes is a unique charm, in addition to food in the process of confidence and determination, in the love of man is cooking have the special creation, and this extraordinary charm contains a calm. Event 2: men who love pets are more likely than men to keep a pet. The research shows that the man who likes to keep a pet is a person who has the resources to take care of others. In addition, a man also revealed children and pets, with a picture, the girl said to feel a sense of security in the dissemination of. Event 3: Ailai bed man here said the love Laichuang is not the kind of lazy inert, just wanted to show this behavior so that men have a childlike sense of the boys in the wake, like a small boys like girls, said with their other half can see men’s innocence in the second dynasties after getting up side happy event. Event 4: men who love to read a lot of foreign men read books to read photos, the girl said, this scene is expected to appear in the country. In the boys not love with a mobile phone brush, just like the domestic foreign telephone network has no signal so strong, so anywhere abroad you are likely to see the boys reading scene. For example: they will spend their time on the vehicle to read, rather than look at the phone, read the passage of time is a good, attractive performance. Event 5: love coffee, drink coffee and coffee for a man and a man is a living requirements of the details and requirements, the taste of the man, you can learn how to enjoy life time from them. If the above 5 events are girls in the eyes of a good boyfriend’s mate, you think you can do a few?相关的主题文章: