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Mobil-.puting Mobile phones are perhaps the most popular devices in use all around the world today. Starting with the basic usage (calls and text messages) to advanced and high level usage of mobile phones (internet, mobile application development, smartphones, etc.), we can easily categorise users according to their specific requirements and behaviour. Let us have a look at how the mobile application development industry has seen such a huge demand and what has made mobile phones so popular to such a vast range of users. Price factor The price of mobile phones has played a very important part in making these devices so popular amongst us today. The initial mobile phones were seen to be extremely expensive so that only the rich and affluent could afford using them regularly. Mobile phones started as a luxury. But with the price of mobile phones gradually decreasing they became more accessible to the basic users. Not only did the cost of handsets go down but so did the call charges that were seen to be so high earlier. This slowly transformed these devices from luxury to necessity. There is a huge variety of mobile phones in the market today carefully segmented according to the price tags and the target market. This has made it possible for each of us to stay connected 24×7 with the help of cell-phones. Easily available access The other reason for the popularity of mobile phones and apps is the fact that it lets you stay connected with everybody at all times. While the basic mobile phones let you call and text on the go, smartphones and tabs let you access the internet, text and voice chat with friends, access useful information like maps and GPS and do a host of other tasks as long as you have a proper carrier signal! Mobile application development .panies have revolutionized the way we use mobile phones today. Whether it is an application that helps with navigation and finding driving direction like a map or if it is one that lets you enjoy games on your mobile phones, there is always something in your mobile phone to assist you or keep you busy. This has made us highly dependent on mobile phones these days which in turn is one of the reasons for these devices and the applications running on them so popular. Business use Entrepreneurs and businessmen have found that mobile phones can be the device they can blindly depend on for support while on the move. Whether it is the stock market that they need constant access to or if it is Microsoft Excel (or some other similar program), smartphone applications allow you to use all such features on the go. Moreover, cloud .puting has made it possible to access all the information you store remotely from your mobile phone, letting you access your data anytime you need it on your mobile device. This has helped businesses immensely; especially those businessmen who need full access to their data on the go. Such features have made it possible for businesses to operate successfully from virtual offices! All these features and the need for more mobile applications and programs have made mobile application development a very important industry today. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: