The Sino Russian joint air defense anti submarine exercises in full combat background

The Sino Russian joint air defense anti submarine exercises in full combat background, according to Xinhua news agency, China Russia joint maritime -2016 military exercises at sea 17 days into the implementation phase of joint operations for third days, the two sides participating ships at the red and blue "back to back" confrontation, to carry out a joint air defense, joint anti submarine exercises. The red by the Russian navy ships mixed into, into 2 ships, 1 missile destroyers, 2 large anti submarine 3 missile frigate, the number of helicopters and related auxiliary ships. The blue side for China 4 JH -7A aircraft and 2 conventional submarines. 9:30, the joint air defense drill began. The exercise scenario is set as the blue side of the red guards assault ship. The blue side of the 2 batch of 4 JH -7A aircraft took off from a coastal airport, take advantage of the terrain, super low altitude flight, to avoid radar detection red. During navigation, the first red fleet of 3 ships which will ship formation air defense herringbone, played by supply ships in Junshan Lake ship around the center, the use of ship to air missile, guns, guns and other auxiliary systems, woven into a high school in Yuan Chang, a compact low altitude short-range air defense fire force network. "Target orientation XX, height XX……" 10 am, the missile destroyer Guangzhou ship to air surveillance radar found a simulated missile to attack the blue side of the aircraft, and simulate the launch of anti-aircraft missiles to fight, the blue side attack attempt failed to achieve. Subsequently, the red and blue sides in the waters east of Zhanjiang launched a number of rounds of confrontation. Joint anti submarine exercises are carried out in the afternoon. 14 PM, the red two fleet arrived the exercise area, each composed of anti submarine formation, anti submarine maneuvering, using submarine sonar. The Russian Navy shipboard helicopter before dipping sonar search key. Before the red maneuver to the exercise area of 2 submarines, a ship is known as the "black hole of the ocean" kilo class submarines, the other one is made of a new submarine, has excellent underwater covert capabilities, mobility, penetration ability and control ability. At 17:20 PM, the red first ship fleet command ship Guangzhou ship found, immediately report to the Fleet Command position of submarine, and throwing grenades simulated attack. Another submarine was also found in the red second fleet shortly after. About 20 minutes later, the Sino Russian joint director of the Department announced the end of joint anti submarine exercises. The red first ship fleet commander Zhai Baoran told reporters on the 17 day, all day long drills are carried out in the background of actual combat, both red and blue in advance on the other side of the deployment of troops, combat operations and other knowledge reached the intended purpose, exercise.相关的主题文章: