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Study on phase transformation of China topology is also very strong – Zhejiang channel — original title: Research on phase Chinese topology is also very strong a bismuth telluride stone, ordinary people classify it as "solid", but it should be "accurate classification of topological insulator". "Topology" two words a plus, the way of existence of material rich. In October 4th, three Americans were awarded the Nobel prize for physics in the year 2016 because of the topological phase transition. While Chinese scientists in recent years in this field also shine. "I read their articles began to research, much admired for their work, they create the topological state direction." Study on the Erfeimi Physics Institute researcher Weng Hung Ming told Technology Daily reporter, said. Two dimensional and three-dimensional topological materials, quantum anomalous Holzer effect, Erfeimi sub…… In recent years, a number of well-known physical breakthroughs in China, and the "topological phase transition". Topological materials are not only in the laboratory but also in nature, Weng Hongming said. The American scientist, who was awarded the Nobel Prize, did a great job of openness, and later researchers have developed a very long way to get a further understanding of nature. Chinese scientists in this field of research strength, are among the best in the world, leading the world in the Dirac Weyl semi metal, semi metal and so on. Tsinghua University professor Xue Qikun also said that after the foundation of the theoretical work of three Nobel Prize winners, this field for 2005 including Chinese famous physicist Zhang Shousheng, scientists found that to develop three-dimensional topological insulator material. Chinese scientists have also made a lot of important work, in the synthesis of topological materials, the basic properties of the physical effects and the discovery of the physical aspects of Chinese physicists have been in the international first echelon. A substance can show different phases, such as pure carbon can be graphite or diamond. Physicist Landau suggested that the material from one phase to another phase, the essence is a high symmetry state and the transition of low symmetry state. In which direction, the water that has a symmetrical molecular structure becomes a symmetrical ice in a particular direction, in essence, the symmetry of which is reduced, or "broken". However, Landau’s theory is not in a particular case – some of the insulator into a conductor, certainly changed, but no change in symmetry. It was later discovered that the phase transition was due to the change in the topological properties of matter. Generally speaking, is the material in a job like the same geometric structure (no holes) into a bracelet (1 holes), has become a spectacle frame (2 holes), changed the environment of electronic sports. Originally a topological theory of geometry, the introduction to the study of phase transitions in materials, thanks to the three American scientists who just won the Nobel prize. Insulator, conductor, superconductor…… These substances can change, but also is a paradox, no evil. For example, the inner part of a topological insulator is not conductive, but its surface is electrically conductive, and the energy consumption is very low. So we look forward to these strange materials can be used for future circuits.相关的主题文章: